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Crossfire and The Gangs of New York





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Who Peed on the Red Carpet?

Tomorrow is Oscar Night! Ah, the glamor, the glitter, the pageantry, the boring speeches! It will be a night to remember, at least for one night. Yes, the entertainment channels will have fodder for a week or so–who was the best dressed, the worst dressed, the most undressed? Who was the surprise winner of the evening, who got dissed? Blah, blah, blah… As for the rest of us, it will be merely a diversion for an evening, perhaps a chat around the watercooler the next day. C’mon, who won last year? The year before? Ten years ago? Admit it, you’re lucky if you get Oscar Winners for $200 correct when you are watching Jeopardy. After all, it’s not about winning or losing. It’s a thrill and an honor just to be nominated!

We in the real world have a name for those who were thrilled and honored to be nominated. We call them losers. I thought we might go back in Oscar history and look at some of the losers honored nominated movies that didn’t win.

Meet me on the red carpet under the fold…

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Peanut Butter Can Kill You? Damn Skippy!


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Video Still Quite Popular…

“Chimpy in Charge: the Complete First Season” 2000-2004

charles-in-charge-chimpyDirected by
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
The Carlyle Group
The Saudi Royal Family

Writing credits
Paul Wolfowitz
Douglas Feith
Stephen Hadley
Richard Perle
Elliot Abrams
Donald Rumsfeld

Genre: Tragedy
Plot Summary: Chimpy, an idiot, moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Along with his best friend, Karl, Chimpy attempts to manage his country, especially war and graft, as well as trash the entire U. S. Constitution! Hilarity ensues!

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