Video Still Quite Popular…

“Chimpy in Charge: the Complete First Season” 2000-2004

charles-in-charge-chimpyDirected by
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
The Carlyle Group
The Saudi Royal Family

Writing credits
Paul Wolfowitz
Douglas Feith
Stephen Hadley
Richard Perle
Elliot Abrams
Donald Rumsfeld

Genre: Tragedy
Plot Summary: Chimpy, an idiot, moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Along with his best friend, Karl, Chimpy attempts to manage his country, especially war and graft, as well as trash the entire U. S. Constitution! Hilarity ensues!

© nonnie

User Rating: 4.0/10 (100 votes)

Series Cast Summary: (9 of many)
George W. Bush …Preznit Chimpy
Dick Cheney …Vice President Buckshot
Colin Powell …Secretary of State and United Nations Storyteller
Harriet Miers …Harry (love interest)
John Ashcroft …Attorney General and Interior Decorator
Donald Rumsfeld …Rummy
Condoleezza Rice …Condi, Foreign Policy Advisor and Diaper Changer
Ari Fleischer …Press Secrezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
A Pet Goat …appearing as himself

Runtime: Far too long
Country: Started as the USA, now unrecognizable
Language: Damned if we know what he’s speaking
Color: Only as a matter of political expediency
Sound Mix: Slow, steady drone

Trivia: Dick Cheney is the first Vice President with no discernable heartbeat. (more)

Goofs: Way too many to mention, but they begin with the Supremes selecting Chimpy in the first place. (more)

Chimpy: Never again in the halls of Washington, D.C., do I want to have to make explanations that I can’t explain.
Cheney: My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators.
Harry: I love you, George, unlike that witch, Laura!
A Pet Goat: Maaaaaaa!

Awards:: Medals of Freedom for everyone! (more)

Why? Why? Why? When does it end?

User Comments:

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WOW – THE BEST! 21 November 2006
The Fool ( from USA

One of the best comedy series to be aired, referring to the “WMD” episode!! Dubya and Rummy were the best comedy team since Abbott & Costello, and I couldn’t be more serious. Watch their timing, the dynamics. It’s perfect! Now, add in the rest of the cast, especially Condi with her own brand of sarcasm, drama & sensuality, and you have it all. Something for every one!

A constant supply of really interesting guest stars (loved Harriet Miers!!), and the breaking down of the “4th wall”, a la “Dobie Gillis”, add really good plots, writing, scripts and storylines, and WOW!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST!!

Forget I L Lucy, This is where it’s at!

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This TV Series Chimpy In Charge is a VERY HUMAN SHOW! 31 August 2006
HarryW ( from USA

“Chimpy in Charge: the Complete First Season” is a blast. Plain and simple. Seeing an episode will cause the following symptoms: Laughter, tears, jaw aches, voice-loss, a heart attack and a visit to the ICU (all of above caused by laughter). It’s more fun than getting shot in the face!!!

6 people found the following comment useful:-

Not impressed by the main character! 14 November 2006
JebFla ( from USA

I hated this show! It was completely miscast! Who would believe that guy as the leader of the free world? That can’t possibly be the way the creators of this disaster pictured it. I sat watching in a state of frozen animation and disbelief. Take it from me, have a bucket handy. Oh, by the way, the second season is even worse!

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