Who Peed on the Red Carpet?

Tomorrow is Oscar Night! Ah, the glamor, the glitter, the pageantry, the boring speeches! It will be a night to remember, at least for one night. Yes, the entertainment channels will have fodder for a week or so–who was the best dressed, the worst dressed, the most undressed? Who was the surprise winner of the evening, who got dissed? Blah, blah, blah… As for the rest of us, it will be merely a diversion for an evening, perhaps a chat around the watercooler the next day. C’mon, who won last year? The year before? Ten years ago? Admit it, you’re lucky if you get Oscar Winners for $200 correct when you are watching Jeopardy. After all, it’s not about winning or losing. It’s a thrill and an honor just to be nominated!

We in the real world have a name for those who were thrilled and honored to be nominated. We call them losers. I thought we might go back in Oscar history and look at some of the losers honored nominated movies that didn’t win.

Meet me on the red carpet under the fold…

I have gone into the warehouse where i store all of my old movie posters, and have dragged out a few of the losers ones that were nominated for best picture. Some of them are quite old, so I have painstakingly digitally restored them to their previous splendor.







Well, I hope that you have all enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane. Here’s to the losers thrilled, the honored, the nominated!

Last one out, please roll up the red carpet.




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6 responses to “Who Peed on the Red Carpet?

  1. Hello Nonnie and Gotta,
    have look, see what you think …

    New setup OK with you??

  2. nonnie9999

    mighty mikkomouse!!! look what you have done with the place! no nasty dark gray on the sides! i also noticed that instead of the usual “more”, it says “keep reading”. i like that! images seem to be clearer over here than they are over at dk. i don’t know if it is the white background or if things are just transferred truer to the originals.
    you do such good work, mighty mikk0mouse! i think we’ll keep you!

  3. nonnie9999

    me again, mighty mikk0mouse! i looked again, and i was wondering if it is possible to have some kind of simple frame around the middle section. the top looks wonderful and so do the comments. however, in the middle of the diary, the images just sort of float in the middle of a sea of white. do you see what i mean? i am thinking that, if this is to be our parody place, we might have more diaries where there is a series of images. i think it would look a bit more grounded if there was a simple black or gray rectangle (hmmm, or maybe a color that matches one in the lovely banner?) surrounding the whole kibosh.
    what do you guys think?

  4. nonnie9999

    that’s pretty cool! you really are mighty, mighty mikk0mouse! i have to look up again how to use all the bells and whistles here. so many websites, so many different ways of doing stuff! oy!

  5. Clicking through the blogs can be quite interesting, occasionally you find something worth reading 🙂

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