In Old Arizona

Original movie poster.


Filed under George W. Bush, humor, John McCain, Jon Kyl, movies, parody

2 responses to “In Old Arizona

  1. Just reviewing the older artwork my Dear. Thou art too critical, but that’s natural for any artist. You’ve come a long way in the last five years Nonnie and have a dedicated following (except for tonight?). They’re probably out drinking beer or chasing skirt tonight. Anyway, the body of work is impressive and the dedication to making it work even more since you only skipped posting less than five times in as many years! And you “play with an injury” to keep the raisins busy. I do hope your hand is doing better these days. And you thought this was going to run a couple of days or weeks! Well, it took five years but finally got some comments on this post. Best part of the poster is that ugly Jan isn’t in it.

    • you made me do a double-take, jerry. it’s only been 4 years, not 5. i had to check to see if i blacked out for a whole year. 😆

      this poster was done before i had photoshop. it was done in mspaint. funny thing is that, if i had to reproduce any of the mspaint ones in mspaint, i honestly don’t think i could do it. i have no idea how i did them.

      thanks for asking about the hand. it’s actually acting up a bit, but it’s my back that’s been acting up lately. i could barely move yesterday and today. i have a referral for the orthopedist, but for my lower back. while that’s still driving me crazy, it’s my upper back that’s hurting like hell. i have to get a new referral, because a specialist is not allowed to treat a patient, just body parts.

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