So Wretched, It’s Enough to Make You…

Original movie DVD.


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3 responses to “So Wretched, It’s Enough to Make You…

  1. Hi Nonnie,
    I had no idea what the original movie poster was from which the poster for the new 2007 film”Retch” is based. Had a big laugh when I saw it was “Fletch”, and while I was comparing the original with the new poster, I stopped to admire the clever paint work that must have been involved in constructing the letter “R” in the title. Not to mention adding in all the little Alberto’s onto his WUSS identity cards.

    Hey! Today is “Best Day Ever”, go check!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. nonnie9999

    yayyyy!!! you caught the “wuss”! i was wondering if anyone would see it. the R was pretty tricky. it is a conglomeration of the original F, parts of the E (used twice, once as it was, and once inverted), and the tail of the T. throw in a little bit of airbrushing, and a few highlighting lines here and there, and you got yourself an R! see how easy that is? nuthin’ to it!

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