White House Denies Reports

Some insiders say that George W. Bush attempted to snort both his parents after someone read to him about Keith Richards snorting his father’s cremains after mixing them with cocaine. An anonymous source who has known Mr. Bush since his Texas years confided, “Ever since I have known Chimpy, he has been very competitive. I can see him trying to outdo Keith Richards by snorting two parents instead of just one.” A White House spokesperson had denied the story and says that people are completely misreading a photo released yesterday. Then, the spokesperson reminded everyone that things are different since 9/11.



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4 responses to “White House Denies Reports

  1. nonnie9999

    thank you, frecklescassie! hope you stop by again. thanks for commenting.

  2. Saw your post on WordPress Top Posts…so glad I stopped by to read it: hilarious! Give it a few years and I wouldn’t be too surprised. 😉

  3. nonnie9999

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    thanks for stopping by. i hope you will come back again and look at the other posts.

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