Happy 4/20 Everyone!!!!

Original movie poster.


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4 responses to “Happy 4/20 Everyone!!!!

  1. Bus The On

    Happy, um, 4/21!

    & here’s a poster I made for 4/20 a la Cheech & Chong.

    Rummy & Gonzo: Still Smoking

    Pass the doritos – I’m still high!

  2. nonnie9999

    awesome poster! i just rec’ed it over at dk.
    p.s. i have to go buy another bag of doritos.

  3. It’s fun to watch 420 pics, but even more fun to watch 420 videos… lately. A few great releases. Potumentary, Fu¬Ękumenatry, etc….

  4. Sorry, Fu¬Ękumentary (about the F-word), and Potumentary (about the evil-doing plant)

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