Secrets and Lies…and More Lies….


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On April 24, 2007, Kevin Tillman, Pat Tillman’s brother who served with him as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan, testified in a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing and said that the military misled the nation and betrayed his family by spreading false stories about how he died. A soldier who saw Tillman die, Spc. Bryan O’Neal, as well as a naval officer who eulogized Tillman agreed.

Mary Tillman wanted the scope of the investigation to go beyond the death of her son. She said, “This really isn’t about our family or about Pat. It’s about what they did to the nation. They’re diminishing true heroism. War is ugly, bloody and painful, and to write these glorious tales is a disservice.”

Jessica Lynch, the Army supply clerk who was captured in the first month of the Iraq War and then famously rescued by American troops testified that the story told about her by the Pentagon was a fabrication.

Spc. O’Neal was yards away from Tillamn when he was shot. He recalled how Tillman frantically shouted and waved to members of his platoon before they shot him. Hours afterward, Lt. Col. Jeff Bailey told O’Neal not to tell Kevin Tillman that his brother was killed by friendly fire.

Thomas Gimble, the The Defense Department’s inspector general, defended the department’s investigation into how Tillman’s death was handled. His report found fault with 9 officers. He said the investigation was clumsy, but there was no cover-up. He admitted that there were no inquiries made as to whether there was contact between the Pentagon and the White House over the case, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was not questioned. Rumsfeld sent a letter saying he didn’t know until several weeks later that Tillman had been killed by friendly fire.

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2 responses to “Secrets and Lies…and More Lies….

  1. Hello Nonnie!! 🙂
    I watched this hearing on my computer so really looking forward to the wide screen version.

    Mary Tilman is spellbinding when she gets going. Expresses herself well and has all the facts at her finger tips.

    Yesterday, in another riveting c-span program, the same oversight committee voted 20 to 8 in favour to subpoena Condi Rice, to force her to appear to explain why she was such a dip shit during the time that she was National Security Adviser. Vote taken against the background noise of squealing rethugs, with Mr. Waxman shouting “Squeal like a pig, you dishonest rethug!” into the ear of Mr. Davis.

    All through it the c-span guy never lost his cool once.

  2. nonnie9999

    hi mighty mikk0mouse!
    the tillman hearing was so poignant and so sad. mary tillman has such grace and dignity, as does her son and the young soldier who testified. i applaud jessica lynch for telling the true story. a couple of times, i thought some of the dems on the committee were going to throw the report at that tool, gimble!
    c-span is quite exciting nowadays! who knew subpoena power could result in such riveting tv!!