The Magic Lute

George W. Bush finally got his war czar. There’s just a little problem. I’ll let the Washington Post tell you about it:

In an interview with Charlie Rose of PBS in January 2006, Lute said the military wanted “to see a smaller, lighter, less prominent U.S. force structure in Iraq,” both to undercut the perception of occupation and to prevent what he called “dependency syndrome” — the notion that U.S. forces will do what is necessary and therefore local forces do not need to step up.

Ultimately, he said, Iraqis need to forge a political solution. “Our purpose is not fundamentally to draw down U.S. forces, but rather to produce a durable, reasonable solution in Iraq,” Lute said. “And that absolutely hinges on the ability of the Shia, apparently the simple majority Shia, to produce a compromise solution that is inclusive of the other two major parties, the Sunni and the Kurds.”

So, he didn’t support the “surge” but he is working for the asshole incompetent blowhard fucking moron guy who ordered it. That can only mean one thing…….
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4 responses to “The Magic Lute

  1. Friend of the court


    The way it is, is that we will leave as soon as the Iraqis step up and do the job we haven’t been able to do, see.
    Once we get that oil contract signed, we will only need troops to protect the interest and stolen property of the oil owners. That’s why all those carriers are floating around over there.

  2. nonnie9999

    this whole fiasco has been a business deal from the very beginning. this new guy is nothing more than chimpy’s “my pet scapegoat”. nothing is going to change.

  3. Duke

    I worked for LTG Lute and can tell you that calling him a “pet scapegoat” is a travesty. He is the smartest man I have ever met and has the common sense that will make him a tremendous presidential advisor. Give him a chance, regardless of your position on the conflicts in Iraq and Afganistan, you will find him insightfull and an asset to the American people.

  4. nonnie9999

    what good is “a tremendous presidential advisor” when the person he is supposedly advising doesn’t listen to anyone who does not agree with him?