Mueller? Mueller?

Former Chimpy’s White House Chief of Staff Andrew the prick Card and then-White House counsel Alberto the weasel Gonzales tried to force then-Attorney General John I never thought I would actually miss him Ashcroft, who was ailing and in Intensive Care, to agree to continue an illegal wiretapping policy. Deputy (and acting) AG James Comey was standing by, as were FBI agents placed in the hospital room under orders from FBI Director Robert Mueller. Later on, Comey, Ashcroft, and Mueller threatened to resign.
I don’t think I want to be around when…..
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8 responses to “Mueller? Mueller?

  1. Strong-arming a AG at the behest of the Oval Nursery. Does this not surely mean that Chimpy was ALREADY breaking the law?

    WTF are we waiting for? Put this criminal in the nursery section at Marion!

  2. nonnie9999

    i’m with you, jollyroger! i want them all impeached and then tried in a court of law so that none of these hoodlums can ever serve in a governmental position again. not only are they are dangerous, but they are disgraceful human beings..

  3. Friend of the court

    It’s been a long time comming but, maybe the grownups will catch these delinquents, at last. The really bad thing is that Mueller, and many others, know so much more than the public will ever be told. Maybe they feel important knowing and keeping secrets. I’m past tired of being protected from the truth. The people have both the right and the obligation, to know. Come on, Mueller, spit it out.

  4. nonnie9999

    i want ashcroft and his wife subpoenaed. i want someone to ask them why they didn’t report this incident. i want someone to ask them and mueller and a lot of other people how they can claim their self-imposed patriot status when they clearly put chimpy and/or the rethuglican party above their own country and the constitution. the attorney general and acting ag knew that a crime had been committed, but they said nothing. ashcroft can claim that he was stoned on pain meds, but i am sure his wife filled him in on the details later. comey and mueller knew that gonzo and card were breaking the law speaking of national security issues in an unsecured place. there must be something in their oaths or job descriptions that demands they report crimes that they witness.

  5. Friend of the court

    I believe that they become so involved in the intrigue and power that they become, somehow, seperated from the reality of many circumstances. People who devote themselves to high office and the support there of, seem insulated from the controls that guide regular people like me. Card and Gonzales didn’t go to that hospital in order to defend and protect the Constitution, nor were they doing the work of the American People. They were senior administration officials who were operating in a manner to avoid and pervert the rule of law. They were commiting a crime against the United States of America and Mueller should have reported it. His promlem was, to whom?

  6. nonnie9999

    you have an excellent point. who would they have reported it to? there was a rethug congress at the time. however, once the dems took over, why didn’t they volunteer the info then? why not go to the press?

  7. Friend of the court

    I can’t and won’t defend the lying sneaky guys but, maybe waiting for a Democraticly controled congress to call them to answer questions was the best way to get the story out to the most people and get it into the official record. The press hasn’t been helpful when it comes to pointing out most of Bush’s criminal activity. Bush was stronger in 2004 than he is today. At that time, I think that the administration would have just stuck the whole thing in a sack with rocks and thrown it in the “national security” river. I have to believe that the time has come, now, to visit this mess and it can weigh, along with the USA firings, on the Lady’s scale.

  8. nonnie9999

    i don’t see a lot of heroes in this scenario. yes, it would have been difficult for a whistleblower when the rethugs were in power. however, the dems are back in town, and everything they have found out has been found out due to investigations. i don’t remember hearing or reading that any of these shmucks actually volunteered info about what had occurred. they waited until they had to testify. was it a relief? probably. makes you wonder why they waited. was it loyalty or fear?