Another Episode of Attorney General Hospital….

Cue the dramatic organ music!
From the Barre Montpelier Times Argus:

The eavesdropping program was scheduled to expire on March 11, 2004, unless Ashcroft agreed to its extension. But at that time the attorney general was seriously ill with pancreatitis, so Comey was serving as acting attorney general. Believing the program to be illegal, Comey advised the White House he would refuse to sign off on it, and so Card and Gonzales were dispatched (it’s not clear who sent them, but highly unlikely they acted on their own) to Ashcroft’s bedside.

Wowza! This is gonna be a fun episode!!!
Original movie poster.


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6 responses to “Another Episode of Attorney General Hospital….

  1. Hi Nonnie!! 🙂
    This one is a real chuckle 😀 😀 , only Nonnie would see the potential of converting “Raising Helen” (widescreen) into “Rousing Ashcroft” (widescreen) 😆

    Is it me, or is Gonzo getting younger and younger??

  2. nonnie9999

    😆 mighty mikk0mouse!
    don’t even ask me how i got to ‘raising helen’ for this one. i googled something or other, ‘raising helen’ came up, and i thought it had possibilities. as for gonzo looking younger, i think it’s love that is taking the years off. his crush, chimpy, standing up for him makes him glow! 😳 he’s like a blushing schoolgirl!

  3. The Chronicles of Electrode Al have been one entertainment-filled episode after another.

    I can hardly wait for the Epilogue-“Electrode Al in ‘I Set It Up-But I Never Thought I’d Get Sentenced to Live Here!’ “

  4. nonnie9999

    is it wrong to be grateful to gonzo? even if it is just for the entertainment value? “gonzo in gitmo”–can you think of a better sitcom title?

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