Gonzogate: It’s Almost Comical!

Original comic book cover.


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4 responses to “Gonzogate: It’s Almost Comical!

  1. Friend of the court

    Is Berty wearing HushPuppies? The fur collar makes him look like he has a neck. I would spend my allowance on Archie Commics. Thank you, nonnie.

  2. nonnie9999

    when i was a kid, i spent a fortune on comic books and mad magazine. how i wish i still had a few of them. they would be worth a fortune now.
    berty should be wearing hush puppies 😆 , since they don’t make amnesia puppies. we all know that he remembers, he just won’t tell!

  3. Patriot Daily

    fantastic, nonnie. i heard that the hearing rooms smelled pretty bad after he testified. hmmm. now, we know why!

  4. nonnie9999

    thanks, pd! this is the first time that i have broken news (news, not wind) here. this is the first known pic of berty and monica hanging out and shopping together. i hope the security guards check their bags when they leave.