Go, All Ye Faithful

Yet another one bites the dust. Sara Taylor, one of Karl Rove’s hitwomen accomplices handmaidens top aides, who has been with the present criminal organization administration since the 2000 Chimpy campaign, has cleaned out her desk. Oh, did i mention that the Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a subpoena for Sara? Yeah, they want to talk to her about Gonzogate the U. S. Attorney firings. Color me crazy, but if she is working for Rove, I have to wonder if she is cleaning out more than her desk. Could she be….
Where the hell are all those emails and memos?

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2 responses to “Go, All Ye Faithful

  1. Hi Nonnie,
    Like this poster a lot, haha, for all the protests from White House and Justice that they did nothing wrong, more and more people are jumping ship. I wish I knew how many, but truthfully, I have lost count. This is so enjoyable, to see the rethuglians in trouble.

  2. nonnie9999

    karl rove’s office must be starting to echo with all of his people leaving. pretty soon he will have nobody left to blame. i wonder who they are going to get to fill all the spots that are opening up. who wants to jump on that sinking ship?
    glad you liked the poster. my internets was down all night long, so i have no idea what i will be doing tomorrow.