Reheating the Cold War?

Who knew Putin was so talented that he could play all of those roles?!
Original DVD cover.

From VOA News:

Russian President Vladimir Putin says his country will aim its rockets at European targets if the United States goes ahead with plans to build a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Just a reminder, folks, if Putin makes good on his threat, not only will our school kids have to start hiding under their desks in civil defense drills, but the tummies of little boys over the world will be at the mercy of this guy!
Watch this film if you are not old enough to remember hiding under your desk or if you want a chuckle.


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2 responses to “Reheating the Cold War?

  1. Hi Nonnie!! 😀

    Checking out the search terms that people use to find their way here, today we have mixed in with the rest:
    _marijuana humor
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    I am pleased with the “hey emoticons” search, I feel as though I am providing a service with my “hey emoticons” post … just as pleased as you will be, that someone was looking for the lyrics to your song, “In the Streets of Baghdad”, 😛 😀 , that was the big hit of McCain’s sing-a-long dvd romp through war torn streets of down town Baghdad

    “There are neighborhoods in Baghdad,
    where you and I could walk,
    through those neighborhoods,
    today, tra-la-la” sings McCain …

  2. nonnie9999

    hi mighty mikk0mouse 😀 !!
    i love looking at the search terms that people use to get here. there were a few times that someone would search for dorothy fields. i couldn’t figure out who that was and had to look her name up. of course, she was the writer of the lyrics of “Sunny Side of the Street”, and i referenced her as the lyricist of the original song. i didn’t remember, but someone did! i got such a kick out of that!
    i did notice the emoticon one 😆 ! it’s so funny what people remember.
    by the way, we still have the top 4 spots in a google image search for ‘gonzogate’! in fact, 7 images on the first page lead here, and there are now 7 on the second page, too!