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The Beverly Hil-libbys?

Here’s my pitch to the Hollywood bigwigs for a new TV show: Scooter Libby and Paris Hilton are working on a prison chain gang. They don’t like each other, but when an opportunity to escape arises, they take it, despite being shackled together. They wind up in Beverly Hills, where they try to avoid the authorities, but their freedom is constantly at risk when they are visited by other prison escapees who have gotten wind of their whereabouts. Hilarity ensues when a host of guest stars appear on their doorstep–Tom Delay, Duke Cuningham, Jack Abramoff, and (at a later date) William Jefferson!
Original DVD cover (well, sorta, I can’t find the one that I used).
Of course, I am hoping for a second season in which the guest cast will include Chimpy George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Al Fredo Alberto Gonzales, Karl Rove, and a slew of others.


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Dems, Interrupted

Did ya watch the Democratic “debate” on CNN? Did ya want to smack Wolf Blitzer in the mouth and tell him that it is rude to constantly interrupt people? Maybe we can call Jack Cafferty and ask him to explain to Wolfie…..
Original movie poster.


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