A Connecticut Wanker in King George’s Court

From Salem-News:

Lieberman says if Iran won’t play by the rules, “we’ve got to use our force. And to me that would include taking military action to stop them from doing what they’re doing.”

πŸ˜† Joe “I lost the primary, so I will run under a made-up party” Lieberman is chiding others for not playing by the rules!! πŸ˜†
Original movie poster.


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8 responses to “A Connecticut Wanker in King George’s Court

  1. Rethuglians are all shitheads.

    PS: Love your posters, Nonnie!! πŸ˜€

  2. nonnie9999

    i am watching the senate right now, and the rethugs are doing their best to protect little abu. this proves that they care more about their party than they do the country. i despise them.
    p.s. i love mighty mikk0mouse πŸ˜€ !!!

  3. gottagrip

    yeah, well, I love you both, and the work you do too!!!!

    There!!!! Take That!!!!


  4. nonnie9999

    thanks, gotta!
    it’s lots of fun over here. not so much fun over in the senate. i was so looking forward to little abu getting ripped limb from limb–verbally, of course!

  5. Friend of the court

    Hey nonnie, the “little abu”, made me think of the ‘Bonanza’ TV show. There was Little Joe, and the other boys and Pa. Someone, who can do posters, might …..

    Why was he Little Joe, when Pa’s name was Ben? Hmmmm.

  6. nonnie9999

    i love you, fotc! that is definitely going on the list. in fact, i think i have found the perfect pic. it might not be exactly what you were thinking, but i hope you will like it! stay tuned…. πŸ˜€

  7. Here I come to save the day, Might Mouse is on the way!!!

    Lieberman is more concerned about Bush and Israel than the U.S.

    Congrats Conn. on your fine pick.

  8. nonnie9999

    lieberman is concerned with one thing and one thing only–joe lieberman.

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