Holy Crap!!

From Press TV:

US President George W Bush has addressed Pope Benedict XVI as ‘sir’ instead of the expected ‘His Holiness’, drawing gasps in the Vatican.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg communion wafer, as they say. Read the article!
Original DVD cover.
When are the people in charge of protocol going to learn to spell things out phonetically for this moron?


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4 responses to “Holy Crap!!

  1. I’m sure Benny was informed about Dubya’s limited abilities.

    What do you expect from a moron who remarked that the Queen was around in 1776.

    And, only a stare a mother would give. That would be Queen Mother to you.

  2. nonnie9999

    hi nyt!
    i guess we can all be thankful that the moron didn’t call him the popester or popemeister. i wish i was kidding, but i’m not. he is truly a national–make that international embarrassment.
    just like the queen shot chimpy a dirty look, i wanted the pope to have a look of at least impatience. i needed a full length pic of the pope to fill the cover, but i had to borrow his head from a different pic, because i thought it looked like he is rolling his eyes.
    it’s just a matter of time before some foreign leaders decide that they have had enough of chimpy, gang up, and beat the living crap out of him. i just hope the cameras are rolling when it happens! 😆

  3. I’m thinking it might be Putin to give Bush a swift kick in the pants.

  4. nonnie9999

    i am putting my money on angela merkel. i thought she was going to deck him when he grabbed her by the shoulders! lucky for him, she didn’t have a knife in her hand at the time.

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