Birds of a Feather…

So here’s the story. Tim Griffin, protégé and pastier version of Karl Rove, recently tearfully stepped down as U. S. Attorney in Arkansas. He replaced Bud Cummins, one of the victims of the shitstorm known as Gonzogate. Anyhoo, a couple of senators on the Judiciary Committee want to know what Timmy had been up to during the 2004 presidential election. There’s this activity known as “caging“, a form of voter suppression. Seems that Timmy was not too cagey about covering up his caging activities, and he accidentally sent evidence of his unlawful tinkering to the wrong email address. Monica Goodling knew all about it and has said that Paul McNulty, former deputy Attorney General, knew about it, too. Op-Ed News tells it much better that I can. Go on over and read it. I can wait….
All done? Good. Isn’t this the most fun scandal ever?! It’s comedy gold!!
Original movie poster.
By the way, it’s been about a century or 2 since I took French in high school, so I have no idea if I parlezed le francais correctly or not, but, hey, it looks okay on the poster, and that’s all that counts. Right?


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10 responses to “Birds of a Feather…

  1. Friend of the court

    Good morning nonnie,

    It’s way past time for this flock of birds to get a new “cage”. A cage where the bottom isn’t lined with the Constitution. Gonzales’ testamony before congress wasn’t much different than a parrot who could say “Don’t remember, don’t recall, pretty bird, don’t recall”.

  2. nonnie9999

    yeah, flock them! their relative who pooped on chimpy in the rose garden was exactly right. i can’t wait until one of these wusses is threatened with a long jail term and turns stool pigeon. sings like a canary. no longer parrots the administration’s bull. then the rest will become what they deserve to be–jailbirds.

    Alberto “I don’t recall Gonzogate” Gonzales — Main Joke.

    Kyle Sampson — sub joke.
    Mike Battle — sub joke.
    Monica Goodling — sub joke.
    Paul McNulty — sub joke.
    Sara Taylor — sub joke.
    Mike Elston — sub joke.
    Tim Griffin — Balls his head off on c-span.

  4. Hello Nonnie 🙂
    there is a message on yahell for you.

  5. Yeah the little prick gets someone fired so he can have his job, then he steps down so he can work for Fred Thompson.

  6. nonnie9999

    i really wish they would make a movie about all of this, but looking at the list of characters, i am wondering where they would find that many pasty, dull, and washed-out looking people to act in it.

  7. You could get a English cast, they always look washed out. Just sayin.

  8. nonnie9999

    but for some reason, when actors have british accents, they sound smart. therefore, they would be disqualified to represent these clowns. maybe their voices can be dubbed by 4th graders.

  9. LOL…I forgot how eloquent they sound. Well we could dub the accents with the Simpsons.

  10. nonnie9999

    after thinking about it, the only lines they would have would be repeating “i don’t recall” over and over again. they can learn how to say that in an american accent with an emphasis on stoopid.