From the International Herald Tribune:

NEW YORK: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg lived most of his life as a Democrat before switching to the Republican Party when he ran for mayor, yet he never really fit in with either party.

Now, Bloomberg has apparently shaken off those labels and found the one that suits him, announcing this week that he has become an independent because it is more in line with his beliefs and gives him freedom to promote his agenda for the city.

I don’t ever want to hear again that women can’t make up their minds!!
Original DVD cover.
Does this mean that the gazillionaire will decide to run for President? Shit, I don’t think he can decide which shoes he should wear. Black…no brown…no loafers…hey! Don’t make a commitment. Go barefoot. It will allow you freedom to promote your bunions.


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5 responses to “Demublipendent

  1. srkp23

    Love it, nons!! Just perfect! 😆

  2. nonnie9999

    thanks srkpy 😀 !
    i hope next time he decides to become a dog or maybe a horse. there are lots of movies with dogs and horses, but the pickins’ for independents truly sucks. 😆

  3. srkp23

    Can’t think of too many either … wasn’t there that Will Smith movie Independence Day, about aliens trying to blow up the White House?

    Or did they ever make a movie called Napoleon?

    Or wasn’t there one a while back called …. Raging Narcissists Who Think They Can Be President Just Because They’re Billionaires?! 😆

  4. nonnie9999

    damn! i forgot about that last one!! 😆

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