Keep Your Motherf&#%in’ Peanuts and Give Me a Motherf&#%in’ Gasmask!!

From the Houston Chronicle:

DALLAS — Continental Airlines Inc. is apologizing to its customers for “poor conditions” aboard a trans-Atlantic flight where one passenger described sewage spilling down the aisle from a lavatory.
“I’ve never felt so offended in all my life,” passenger Collin Brock of Washington state told Seattle’s KING-TV. “I felt like I had been physically abused and neglected. I was forced to sit next to human excrement for seven hours.”

Original motherf&#%in’ movie poster.
Here’s more from the article:

The incident came to light as Continental was celebrating being ranked first among traditional network airlines in customer satisfaction by market-research firm J.D. Power and Associates. Chairman and Chief Executive Lawrence W. Kellner had said Continental offered “the best product in the industry.”

Hey, Larry, cheer up! That can still work. Just add one word and make it: the best waste product in the industry!


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2 responses to “Keep Your Motherf&#%in’ Peanuts and Give Me a Motherf&#%in’ Gasmask!!

  1. srkp23

    Brilliant nonnie! This is what they mean by ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a foul, foul, story! Can’t believe that couldn’t clean it up and do something during that flight! Well, they better at least give all affected a free ticket.

  2. nonnie9999

    just had to give everyone the poop on incontinent….i mean continental airlines. it says in the article that they offered the guy who was interviewed a $500 voucher. i don’t know if that’s what they offered everyone. what gets me is that they made such a huge deal over the guy with tb, but nobody seems to be too worried over what cooties might have been floating in the poopie.