I Wish I Knew How to Quiet You

Oy. Seems that delusional presidential hopeful, Sam Brownback (R-KS), has colored in written a book. In it, he talks about how, in the mid-1990’s, he almost divorced his meal ticket wife, Mary, heiress to a newspaper fortune, and he had surgery. He also harbored a “hatred” of Bill and Hillary Clinton. What’s a boy to do?

“One night I got down on my knees and said ‘OK, Lord, that’s it. I give up. It’s all Yours,'” Brownback writes.

Well, seems now that everything is just hunky-dory, and Old Sammy even apologized to Hillary at a prayer breakfast (I would have been praying for him to shut up). You can read all about it at the International Herald Tribune.
What’s that annoying drone? It’s just…
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2 responses to “I Wish I Knew How to Quiet You

  1. Friend of the court

    “Jesus loves me, this I know,
    for the Bible tells me so…..
    They are weak but He is strong.”

    What a gift has been given to the morally lame. They don’t even need to take responsibility for their actions. Just get faithful and believe that God has forgiven them.

  2. nonnie9999

    that’s right, fotc. yet every last one of them will make fun of people who seem to find religion in jail. i am not saying that people who find religion in jail are any more sincere (or less delusional) than these guys, but the hypocrisy is stunning.