If it Looks Like a Duck, Walks Like A Duck, Sounds Like a Duck….

….it’s probably an idiot quacking along with his idiot friends!

From the Alaska Report:

Washington, DC – New Mexico GOP Senator Pete Domenici has joined a chorus of Republicans and Democrats calling for a change of President Bush’s failed policy in Iraq, making him the third veteran Republican to break ranks with President Bush over the issue in the last two weeks.
Republican Sens. Dick Lugar of Indiana and George Voinovich of Ohio have also recently called for a change of policy in Iraq.

Original DVD cover.

What happened to the good old days when the little ducks were as thick as thieves?
(image from Alaska Report)
Don’t worry, kids! Nothing will change. They are still thick and they are still thievin’! They still don’t give a crap about the troops. They are merely posturing for the 2008 elections. The inimitable Groucho might have been speaking for them when he said:

Those are my principles. If you don’t like them I have others.


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8 responses to “If it Looks Like a Duck, Walks Like A Duck, Sounds Like a Duck….

  1. Friend of the court

    They want Bush to make a new plan. Because the plans he has made, already, have worked out so well? It would be like changing a flat on a car that is on fire.

  2. nonnie9999

    i love your metaphors, fotc! :l0l:
    it’s all bullshit. they can wring their hankies all they want, but when push comes to shove, they will do absolutely nothing to bring the troops home even one minute sooner.

  3. nightowl724

    Nonnie, another visual and verbal treat! That cigar, though – I hope it wasn’t the one that Clinton left in the desk drawer in the oval office…

    Oddball question: According to my clocks, it’s 7/7/08 3:35am EST. How in the heck did fotc post a comment at 4:36am and you reply at 4:52am? Is there something you haven’t told me yet?

    fotc, you are one funny guy!

  4. nightowl724

    OOPS! I meant it’s 7/8/07!!!!!

  5. nonnie9999

    cue twilight zone music……..
    first, let me correct you. fotc is female. so she is one funny broad. 😆
    the reason that the time might be a bit off is that hr is on greenwich mean time. mikk0 owns the blog, and he is in wales, so we are using his watch.
    it is 7/8. it is my son’s bday. that can only mean one thing–i have to shave off yet another year when someone asks me how old i was when i gave birth to him. hmmm, i think i told people last year that i was 6. i don’t know what i will tell them when i get to negative numbers. ❓

  6. nightowl724

    fotc – if you’re out there…

    Since I “discovered” nonnie the other day, I’ve been stalking her at DKos and here. I was “sure” that “somewhere” at “some” time, “somebody” in one of the 5,692 comments I read “said” you were a guy. My apologies.

    nonnie – as for “i don’t know what i will tell them,” just tell them you’re 21 – in Greenwich Mean Time!

  7. nonnie9999

    aren’t i better off going west? i have considered moving to hawaii just so i can be 6 hours younger.

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