Between Iraq and a Hard Place

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON, July 7 — Democratic voters are not the only ones bitter over their party’s failure to use new Congressional power to force a withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Senator Harry Reid, the occasionally obstreperous Democratic leader, is upset as well.
“We haven’t done enough,” said Mr. Reid, a onetime moderate who has evolved into one of the party’s most fervent critics of the war.

Original DVD cover.

Sensing momentum from the new Republican defections, Mr. Reid and other leading Democrats intend to force a series of votes over the next two weeks on proposals to withdraw troops and limit spending.
Mr. Reid said he now saw ending the war as a moral duty, and even if the Senate again falls short, he said, he would turn again and again to Iraq until either the president relents or enough Republicans join Democrats to overrule Mr. Bush.
Mr. Reid has also joined Senator Russ Feingold, Democrat of Wisconsin, in pushing a more confrontational approach that would end spending on most of the combat and significantly limit the role of American forces by early next year.


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8 responses to “Between Iraq and a Hard Place

  1. nightowl724

    Just great, nonnie! I enjoyed this with my morning coffee – much less fattening than the donut I was considering.

  2. Friend of the court

    It’s gonna take way more than criticism, Harry. If Bush gave a rat rock he wouldn’t have started.

    Good morning, nonnie. I’m waiting for congress to respond to Fred.

  3. nonnie9999

    good afternoon, nightowl and fotc 🙂
    did you know that harry reid never ever poses like cameron diaz did for that dvd cover? it took me hours to finally find a pic of a guy who was standing like that, and he was part of a dancing troupe. when is congress going to let loose a litte bit so that i have more of a selection to choose from? i mean, really, they aren’t doing anything else that is more pressing.
    fotc, i am waiting, too, for words to become action. harry actually used the I word the other day, so maybe, just maybe. in fact, even richard lugar, a rethug, said that chimpy might have to be impeached. of course, talk is cheap, and a lot of this is posturing for the 2008 election. in the meantime, chimpy and cheney and their merry gang of thugs will continue to make things worse.

  4. Friend of the court

    You are getting so good nonnie, I thought that was an unretouched photo of Harry.

  5. nonnie9999

    thanks, fotc. it wasn’t difficult to do once i found the dancer (or singer, thinking back, i think singer is correct) pic. the hard part is trying to think up what words will take you to the correct google image. what actually wound up working was ‘men in black’ (which was about the 10th thing i tried after exercise, dancing, and a host of descriptive phrases–even including ‘man calling dog’, figuring someone who assume that position when saying, ‘here puppy!!’). as it turns out, besides the movie, there is a singing group with that name, and, thankfully, one of their guys was standing just right and wearing a black suit.
    see what i go through for you guys? 😆

  6. Friend of the court

    Well, it is much appreciated. 🙂

  7. nonnie9999

    then it is all worth it. 😀

  8. nightowl724

    Yes! It’s grand what you do to entertain us, nonnie!