Downhill Racer!

July 16 (Bloomberg) — Seven members of Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign press staff have resigned as the Arizona senator shuffles his team amid lagging fund raising and a drop in the polls.
The latest turmoil to hit McCain’s bid for the White House follows the resignations last week of campaign manager Terry Nelson and long-time McCain strategist John Weaver.

Original DVD cover.

Plus, he’s just about broke! From The Arizona Republic:

Sen. John McCain has already begun trying to restructure his sagging campaign in the face of a looming financial crisis. But records filed with the Federal Election Commission on Sunday showed just how dire his cash problem is.

McCain had about $3.2 million in the bank at the end of June but owed nearly $1.8 million in unpaid bills and other debts, leaving him with $1.4 million that wasn’t spoken for. He raised $11.3 million and spent $13 million during the quarter. He filed his report less than an hour before the deadline for all candidates to submit their financial records.

No wonder he has to do his shopping in Baghdad! The rug that got pulled out from under his feet was so much cheaper there!


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6 responses to “Downhill Racer!

  1. nightowl724

    “Ditzy!” Funny stuff, noonie! Thanks for the laughs. Poor McCain used to be a front “runner.” Get it?

    This movie is Da Bomb! Could it be something about the past and present cast of players?

    John “Keating 5” McCain, FY & Gookifier in Chief
    John “Alter Ego” Salter, Extreme Ghost Writer
    John “Combustible” Weaver, Top Bomb Planner
    George “Chimpeach” Bush, Official Mascot
    Bob “$core” Allen, Park Ranger (I mean Stranger!)
    Rick “RIS” Davis, Staff Lobbyist
    Terry “Call Me” Nelson, Chief Racist & RNC Pipe
    (That’s a lot of Johns on top. Coincidence?)

    Or was it the movie’s theme song (bad cover)?
    “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran”

    Maybe it was the CheckeredPantsGate right out of at the start of the race (checkered flags work much better):

    I hope (voting) box office goers don’t forget this pre-release movie photo:

  2. Friend of the court

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”. I listened to him on cspan this am. What a doof. He said that, in one year, Anbar would be 100% under the control of the regional authority. Wasn’t 100% authorian control what the Iraqis started out with ? And it only took all that violence and about a bazillion dollars. Down hill, indeed.

  3. nightowl724


    “No wonder he has to do his shopping in Baghdad! ”


  4. nonnie9999

    checkered pants like that should count as a high crime or misdemeanor, so let’s impeach him in advance.
    why do people who have been so consistently wrong for so long keep demanding that they are the ones whom we should be listening to? on top of that, if they can’t budget their campaign money (or find the right people to do that for them), then how the hell do we trust them to handle the country’s finances?

  5. nightowl724

    How true about a potential leader who can’t carry a budget. We’re not talking about a boo-boo made years ago, a situation caused by a family crisis, or someone who doesn’t have the funds to access professional advice. This guy wants to be preznit?

  6. nonnie9999

    that’s why i would never vote for him. he wants to be preznit just so he can be preznit. it’s not about helping anyone or doing what is best for the country or making the world a better place.