Lather, Rinse, Repeat….

From the Washington Post:

President Bush is a competitive guy. But this is one contest he would rather lose. With 18 months left in office, he is in the running for most unpopular president in the history of modern polling.

The latest Washington Post-ABC News survey shows that 65 percent of Americans disapprove of Bush’s job performance, matching his all-time low.

Oh, the stink of scandal in the morning!
Original comic book cover.

A little more from WaPo:

The historic depth of Bush’s public standing has whipsawed his White House, sapped his clout, drained his advisers, encouraged his enemies and jeopardized his legacy. Around the White House, aides make gallows-humor jokes about how they can alienate their remaining supporters — at least those aides not heading for the door. Outside the White House, many former aides privately express anger and bitterness at their erstwhile colleagues, Bush and the fate of his presidency.

This is from an editorial in The Philadephia Inquirer:

Mr. President, you’ve always said that you don’t pay attention to newspapers or public-opinion polls. The wisdom of your choice is now obvious. A new poll indicates that you are the second-most-unpopular president in the history of polling.

The survey found 65 percent of Americans disapprove of your job performance. In the past 70 years, only Richard Nixon had a worse rating (66 percent). What this poll means, Mr. President, is about two out of three Americans are just waiting for the inauguration in January 2009 of President Anybody-But-Bush.

They figure you are beyond reasoning with on the war in Iraq, which is nearly the only policy you control any longer. You are not just a war president – you are president of a war.

On that one major policy, you seem unwilling to listen to any proposal that doesn’t involve more troops. At least 245 troops from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware have been killed in Iraq.

Speaking of listening, President Bush, it’s gotten hard to figure out who still listens to you. Not Congress. Not two-thirds of the public. Whom does that leave – your staff? Oh yes, and (closed) convention audiences.
(…) your good economy has been overshadowed by a parade of blunders and self-inflicted wounds: Iraq, FEMA, shabby treatment of veterans, political sackings at the Justice Department, failure on immigration reform, politicization of science, botching the system for prosecuting terror detainees at Guantanamo, and curtailing civil liberties, to name a few.
By the way, we’ve heard you’re opposed to expanding the nation’s State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which has bipartisan support in Congress.
But what do two-thirds of Americans want most from you in the next 18 months, Mr. President? A way out of Iraq. However it’s structured, you should start now.

And buy a gold watch for your attorney general, while you’re at it.


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10 responses to “Lather, Rinse, Repeat….

  1. Friend of the court

    Can you imagine what his numbers would look like if the “free press”, was doing a good job of publicizing the facts of this administration’s activities? No way he would have ever have had two terms.

  2. nonnie9999

    i wish that someone had thrown him a bottle of shampoo and told him to read the directions. he would still be in the shower now, stuck in the loop of lathering, rinsing, and repeating. if he ran out of shampoo, they could have given him a can of minute maid orange juice. maybe he would still be standing there concentrating. we could have avoided the shitstorm we are in now if they had just kept him occupied (instead of him occupying iraq).

  3. Friend of the court

    You could stop this guy by putting honey on his fingers and handing him a feather. I have not had a good night’s sleep since he said that it was his job to protect me and my family.

  4. nonnie9999

    😆 we don’t even have to go to all that trouble. put him in the oval office and tell him to shit in the corner. his looking for a corner in an oval room will be the most productive thing he has done in that office since he took over.

  5. nightowl724

    Nonnie & fotc –

    Each of the above four comments above is a scream on its own, but taken together, it’s comic genius! I have read and re-read your repartee and it makes me laugh every. single. time.

    I think the two of you should do radio or podcasts or something. And, I am not snarking! I read the book Satellite Sisters, about which it says at, “The Dolans are known to listeners of PRI as the engaging Satellite Sisters, living in four cities on two continents, who have a weekly on-air conversation about topics that people really talk about, from clearing up bad credit to finding a breast lump.” They did it all from home using some sort of technological voodoo.

    Think about it! I still have the book and I’d be happy to send it to either one of you – no charge.

  6. nightowl724

    Oh boy, oh boy…

  7. nightowl724

    Hey!!!!! I hadn’t clicked “submit” yet. Now I have to lick my eraser and start all over again…

    My Haiku Tribute to You

    Boy, oh boy.
    This post is another joy.
    Oh, should I just say “oy?”
    Boy, oh boy!

  8. nonnie9999

    fotc brings out the best…worst….best….worst….
    fotc brings out something in me.
    i doubt that anyone wants to hear my nasal, grating voice on the radio. i have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies.

  9. Friend of the court

    I’m sure that nonnie would be wonderful but, I’m too shy. Nonnie’s art work and commentary always make me smile.

  10. nightowl724

    nonnie, an unusual voice would be a plus.

    fotc, it’s radio, so no one can see you.

    both of you, you could do it anonymously.

    OK, I’m done nagging – for now! 😀

    PS “i have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies.” Very funny!

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