A Giant Lie

Hammerin’ Hank Aaron’s record of 755 home runs was tied by Barry “Mr. Steroids” Bonds.
From the Washington Post:

For 86 years of baseball history, until Bonds connected against Hensley at 7:29 p.m. PDT, only two men had held the sport’s most cherished record: Babe Ruth, from 1921 until 1974, and Hank Aaron, from 1974 until now. But there is now a tie atop this hallowed list, and any day now, for better or worse, the record will be Bonds’s alone.

Original DVD cover.

That Bonds now holds a share of Aaron’s once-sacred record — with the possibility that his next swing will give him sole possession — is the source of much consternation and angst within baseball. Allegations of steroid use have accompanied the latter years of Bonds’s career, when his offensive production soared at an age when virtually every other slugger slipped dramatically.


He is accused of using illegal performance enhancing drugs, to such effect that, he, in the season he turned age 37, hit nearly three times as many home runs as he had hit, in the season he turned age 27.

That, his head in that same span, grew one hat size; his feet, three shoe sizes.

Barry Bonds represents a time in which the fans’ confidence in what the game means has been shaken.

America’s pastime. Well, I guess America’s pastime should reflect American values, and, in this day and age of the Chimpy Administration, it means cheating, lying, scandals, and the ends justifying the means. I guess you have American values down pat, Mr. Bonds. You will get no congratulations from me.


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5 responses to “A Giant Lie

  1. nonnie9999

    the sonuvabitch! i worked for hours and hours on a poster about the fisa bill, only to turn on the radio a few minutes ago and find out that the cheating bastard finally hit a homerun. i’ve had this diary all ready to go for a week, just waiting for the news story to link to. oh well, i hope tying hank aaron’s record doesn’t give barry a swelled head. oh wait!! the steroids already did that!! 😦 a sad day for baseball.
    well, kids, stayed tuned tomorrow for the fisa poster.

  2. nightowl724

    Chill out, nonnie…

    This is a wonderful – and timely – snark, well-tied to the crap that passes for leadership and heroics in our country today. Using baseball as a metaphor for the nation is apropos: “As American as baseball and Mom’s apple pie.”

    The FISA ruckus is far from over and I’m sure your poster will have great impact whatever day you post it – maybe even more so, because it will help to keep the story alive.

    Good job!

  3. nonnie9999

    i wonder when the apple pie botulism scare will occur. it seems only logical, as all of our values and even our metaphors are being shit upon.

  4. Friend of the court

    My dad was a life long Giants FAN. He died during the baseball strike, in 1981. I can hear him today…….he never had any use for liars and cheats. Bonds will have an “*”, next the number he finally puts up, if there is any sportsmanship left. Aaron will not even comment and I say, “good for him.”

  5. nonnie9999

    an asterisk is too good for him. roger maris got an asterisk, but he got his hits legitimately. i used to love baseball, but i don’t even watch it anymore, other than the world series. there is no such thing as team loyalty. players go where the money is. nothing else matters. fans are treated with disdain. tickets are overpriced. you have to get a second mortgage to buy a hotdog and a soda at the stadium.
    i hope hank aaron doesn’t comment. bonds and the new baseball don’t deserve it.