You Want Freedom Fries With that Hotdog, Pickles?

From Independent Online:

Cecilia Sarkozy’s decision to bow out of a picnic with the president of the United States this weekend is the latest proof of the French first lady’s unpredictable, even rebellious take on her new role.

Yep, Chimpy and Pickles threw a big ol’ barbecue, and the First Lady of France didn’t show up! 😆

Original DVD cover.

Well, I am sure she must have been sick or something!
From Gulf Daily News:

Spokeswoman said Cecilia Sarkozy called First Lady Laura Bush yesterday morning to tell her that she and her children were not feeling well and therefore would not be attending the lunch.

See? I knew there had to be a reasonable explanation! After all, who could possibly resist a picnic with Chimpy, Pickles, Poppy, and Let-’em-eat-cake Barbara the delightful Bush clan? She and the kids must have been really sick! null

Back to Independent Online:

(Cecilia Sarkozy)… was photographed later on Sunday taking a stroll in town with two friends. Nicolas Sarkozy, meanwhile, was seen wearing earphones and jogging on a lakeside path with a seven-strong entourage.

Modern medicine! Can you believe how fast she got better?


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8 responses to “You Want Freedom Fries With that Hotdog, Pickles?

  1. José Filardo

    Uh lah lah!

    Finally, someone with personality to refuse the company of such a scoundrel like little George Uh! Uh! Bush…

    Mme Sarkozy has grew in my opinion….

  2. Coni Tibbetts

    Lunch with Laura Bush would bore me too.

  3. nightowl724

    I wish I’d get an invitation to “dine” with the Bush family – so I could call at the last minute to cancel, too!

    Methinks the extensive press coverage of Bush saying they wouldn’t be serving fries in either the French- or Freedom-style might have had something to do with it, no?

    Viva la Cecelia! And, viva la Nonnie for a clever cover!

  4. nonnie9999

    bienvenue, josé et coni!
    i would love to give mme sarkozy a high five! i would lose my appetite if i had to spend an afternoon with the bush clan.
    nightowl, i don’t think i would cancel at the last minute. i would show up for the bbq, say that i wasn’t feeling well, ask to use the bathroom, and then rummage through the medicine cabinet to see what these bastards are on! 😆

  5. You gotta love the woman, basically, she says take your hot-dogs and put them where the sun don’t shine! Me, and the girls are going shopping…What fun it would be, to hang with Cecelia, if only for a day…

  6. nonnie9999

    hi jorge!
    if you go shopping with cecelia, please call me, and i will meet you at the mall! i am so sick of the stepford political wives in this country.

  7. death

    Can’t we all just get along?

  8. nonnie9999

    sure we can, pass the ketchup.