Barbie’s Dreamhouse of Ill Repute

From USA Today:

NEW YORK — Toy maker Mattel isn’t amused by a model’s pornographic play on the name of its clean-cut Barbie dolls.

Mattel went to court Tuesday to complain that the website of an adult entertainer named China Barbie has tried to benefit from the success of the 48-year-old line of dolls. They include Barbie’s sister, Skipper, her best friend, Midge, and Skipper’s boyfriend, Kevin.


The lawsuit said Global China Networks used a domain name containing the word “barbie” in a “bad faith attempt to profit from Mattel’s Barbie trademarks” and had damaged Mattel’s good name.

But…but….but….Barbie doesn’t have a…well, you know! I guess some people aren’t picky.

Original DVD cover.

Of course, it could be much worse. At least that China Barbie is of the unleaded variety.

From the International Herald Tribune:

BEIJING: Chinese manufacturers and American toy giant Mattel Inc. are both responsible for recent recalls of millions of lead-tainted toys worldwide, a Chinese official said in an interview published Wednesday.

Li Zhuoming, executive vice chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Toy Industry Association, said blame “cannot be pushed to either side” in the recent recalls, which included popular Sesame Street, Barbie and Polly Pocket products made in the province.

“The producers are responsible because they do not have tight controls over purchasing and production,” Li was quoted as saying in the state-run Guangzhou Daily newspaper. “But the buyer Mattel cannot evade responsibility.”


Robert Eckert, Mattel’s chairman and CEO, last week defended the measures the company has taken to ensure the safety of its toys, saying he was “disappointed in what has occurred and what has transpired.”


China’s goods have come under intense scrutiny in recent months after toxic chemicals were found in exports ranging from toothpaste to seafood and pet food ingredients.

On Tuesday, China’s ambassador to the United States defended the quality of Chinese products and blamed the press for “churning up agitating stories.”

“By and large, the quality of Chinese products and the safety of the food made in China are reliable,” Zhou Wenzhong said in a speech to the World Affairs Council of Oregon.

Also Wednesday, a distributor announced a recall in Australia and New Zealand of Chinese-made blankets found to contain high levels of formaldehyde, a potentially cancer-causing chemical preservative that gives a permanent press effect to clothes.


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7 responses to “Barbie’s Dreamhouse of Ill Repute

  1. nightowl724

    Surprising topic combo! Excellent, nonnie!

    Vitter + Barbie = funny

    Vitter + Ken = funnier

    Vitter + Barbie OR Ken + diapers = funniest

    Vitter + ad #1 from link = you decide

  2. nightowl724


    It’s been 8 days since you posted “Ice Cream Man” and I’m still singing it! I’m not sure whether to thank you or curse you.

  3. nonnie9999

    originally, it was going to be barbie with g i joe, but then i thought of vitter. those ads made me gag. with all those kids and his icky predilection, his diaper bills must be enormous.

  4. nonnie9999

    has it really been 8 days? my, how time flies. sorry for the earworm. i’ve been sick and hyped up on sudafed for days, so nothing goes through my mind except congestion.

  5. Hello Nonnie!! 😛

    It’s a Regular Rethuglian China Barbie Doll Chicken Ranch Special Scandal!

    “Wearin’ diapers ain’t a sin,
    Except for full grown men,
    That’s hardly what Louisiana needs.
    A married father of four,
    Running round with whores,
    That’s ain’t what Louisiana needs.”

    A song!

    Changing subject 🙂
    I know we have a list somewhere that we are keeping of all the justice department employees that are jumping ship because they can’t distance themselves from their cute little attorney general stupid person mascot soon enough. Or perhaps it is Gonzo who is ordering them to pack their bags and get lost, his way of protecting the cover up. Either way, who cares? It just puts Chimpy’s justice system more up the spout than it already is which will be a big laugh for the whole country, I’m sure. I notice that Patrick Leahy is just as pissed off as we are, he has taken to referring to Gonzo in sweetly sarcastic terms as well.

    In any case, haha, now we have two more names to add to the list 😀

    From some newspaper rag:
    “The head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division announced Thursday that he was resigning, the latest in a long string of departures from the department in the midst of a furor over the leadership of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales.
    The department said that the resignation of the official, Assistant Attorney General Wan J. Kim, had nothing to do with the recent controversies over Mr. Gonzales’s performance, and that Mr. Kim had been planning his departure for months.
    His departure was announced on the same day that department officials confirmed that a senior official who preceded Mr. Kim in running the civil rights division, Bradley J. Schlozman, had also resigned.”

    😀 😀 😀

  6. nonnie9999

    oh, mighty mikkomouse 😀 !
    more gonzogate news!! what fun!! those names sounded awfully familiar. i looked at a previous diary, and i realized why. it was in this diary:
    here’s what happened:

    The Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Wan Kim, the current assistant attorney general for civil rights about reports that 3 minority women in the DOJ’s civil rights division were shunted aside to “make room for some good Americans” (you can thank Kim’s predecessor, Bradley J. Schlozman, for that little gem)……

    that was back in june. oh, i love gonzogate! it is so much fun! 😆 i am so glad 🙂 that i have you to keep me abreast ( 😳 i said abreast in a diary about slutty dolls!) of all happenings in gonzogate!

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