A Nursery Rhyme for Our Time

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Aug. 24 (Bloomberg) — Senator John Warner, an influential Republican on defense matters, urged President George W. Bush to announce by Sept. 15 a plan to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, a suggestion the administration rejected.


“We simply cannot as a nation stand and continue to put our troops at continuous risk of loss of life and limb without beginning to take some decisive action,” Warner, who returned from Iraq last week and met with top administration officials yesterday, said during a news conference at the Capitol.

Boy, did the media go nuts over this! Everything will change now, right? Not so fast, kids….

From The Nation via Yahoo News:

Warner did not call for a timetable to end the war. He did not push for US troops to leave in a reasonable amount of time, such as a year. He only asked President Bush to begin a “symbolic” pullout of 5,000 troops by Christmas.

It’s worth remembering that the US had 130,000 troops in Iraq last fall before adding 30,000 more in the “surge.” So withdrawing 5,000 troops doesn’t even come close to getting the US back to pre-surge levels.


By this point in time, Warner should know that President Bush is likely incapable of ending the war he started, especially if given wide latitude on how and when to do so. If Warner was serious about getting our troops out of harm’s way, he’d make his symbolic withdrawal number far more concrete.

Keep moving, kids. Nothing to see here.


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16 responses to “A Nursery Rhyme for Our Time

  1. gottagrip

    What a lovely nursery rhyme, nonnie. I’ll be putting the two little grandbabies to sleep with that one….

  2. Friend of the court

    ‘Hey, diddle-diddle the cat and the fiddle,
    the cow jumped over the moon….”

    The trouble started for the cow, when she landed. Much like Bush, the cow had not considered the last part of her impulsive action. Also, no one ever mentions the pet goat she smashed, either. The ill begotten crime in Iraq will continue as long as Bush’s supporters can keep pulling out plums, by the billions.

  3. nonnie9999

    gahhhh!!! someone broke wordpress!! 😡 nice to see it is back up again.
    thanks, gotta. i would wait to lull the grandbabies to sleep until i do some research, as i don’t think that is really a plum on johnny’s thumb.
    fotc, keep going with that rhyme. maybe we can think up a whole bookful and publish it as Mother Got Goosed. or, maybe this is not about geese at all and all about lame ducks?

  4. Friend of the court

    I think you are right, nonnie. Bush is the Mother of All Lame Ducks. Far more unstable than Daffy, on his worst day. Too bad, that there is no Buggs to deal with Daffy Chimp..

  5. nonnie9999

    we could send elmer fudd in with his rifle. oh, what am i thinking? maybe we can just collect as many bullets as possible (during this bullet shortage period) and send them to cheney with a note saying he should have some fun! 😀

  6. Friend of the court

    Have you ever seen Cheney and Fudd together? Just sayin’…..;-)

  7. Friend of the court

    Have you ever seen Cheney and Fudd in the same place? Just sayin’, hummmm…. 😉

  8. nonnie9999

    i bet dead-eye dick has poor elmer buried in the backyard of the admiral’s house.

  9. gottagrip

    I’d say Bush is definitely a lame duck and I hope his Mother Goose is cooked.

    As to the bullet shortage, maybe we should check with Ted Nugent. He seems to have more than enough.

    That’s not a plum? Where are those baby wipes?

  10. nonnie9999

    chimpy’s goose was cooked a long time ago. however, the bastard rubber-stamp rethugs hid the carving knives.
    i can’t understand why ted nugent is not in gitmo for making terrorist threats.
    i don’t know if that is a plum or not. i refuse to get into aroma range in order to find out. i think we should play it safe, though, especially around the kids.

  11. nightowl724

    How about Father Goose Step?

    Very clever, nonnie!

  12. nonnie9999

    that’s for another movie.

  13. Friend of the court

    Sorry about the double post, above. The computer had a senior moment.

  14. nonnie9999

    no worries, fotc! 🙂
    the hmmm that you added at the end of the second one made it appear that it was really weighing on your mind so much that you had to comment again. 😀

  15. nightowl724

    Oh, yes — I had forgotten about the movie “Father Goose!”

  16. nonnie9999

    that’s why i am here, nightowl–to remind people of old, crappy movies! 😆