Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Al Fredo…..

Then again, let the door hit you in the ass!

Original album cover.

To the tune of Bye, Bye Birdie, by Charles Strouse, as performed by Ann-Margret:

Bye, bye, Bertie,
I won’t miss you a bit,
You’re a smarmy,
Worthless piece of shit.

Stop your whining,
No one else made you fail,
Glad you’re resigning,
Hope you go to jail.

Oh, Chimpy said you were,
So viciously attacked,
Said it was undeserved,
I think that he’s on crack.

Bye, bye, Bertie,
You make me so irate,
(My confession– 😳
I’ll miss Gonzogate,
I’ll miss Gonzogate,
I’ll miss Gonzogate.)

Bye, bye, Bertie,
To Texas, you can flee,
I’ll try, Bertie,
To supress my glee.

No more lying,
Each time you move your lips,
We’re not buying,
“I can’t remember” scripts.

The A.G. should be smart,
And that, you clearly ain’t,
You said that torture’s cool,
And that Geneva’s quaint.

Bye, bye, Bertie,
Don’t like you, I won’t lie,
Bye, bye, Bertie,
Time for you to fly,
Time for you to fly,
Time to say goodbye,
Bye now!

Another nail in the coffin of the Texas Mafia? From Howard Fineman at MSNBC/Newsweek:

The Austin Gang—Bush, Rove, Alberto Gonzales and Harriet Miers—saw the legal world as something to control, if for no other reason than if they did not, the Trial Lawyers—the backbone of the modern Texas Democratic Party—would.

Gonzales made his bones literally keeping Bush out of court when, as governor, Bush was called to jury duty. Had Bush been subject to questioning by attorneys over his suitability to serve, he would have had to reveal that he had been arrested for drunk driving. Not a good thing to do before a presidential campaign. Gonzales managed to get the Boss out of the jury pool.

As for Harriet Miers, she was in charge of knowing and protecting the Boss’s finances. Bush surrounded himself with what he called “mother hens.” He had Karen Hughes for communications and Miers for personal legal matters. She had personal attorney-client privilege and was a zealous guardian.

U.S. Attorneys as Political Prizes

This was the crew—Bush, Rove, Miers and Gonzales—that returned to the White House after the 2004 election and saw a cookie jar on the kitchen counter—a cookie jar, they realized, that had 93 tasty cookies (U.S. attorneys) in it. These would be wonderful political prizes for Bush and Rove to distribute—even though all of the current U.S. attorneys were first-term Bush appointees.

From USAToday:

WASHINGTON — President Bush stood alone in front of Marine One at an airstrip near his Texas ranch Monday, squinting into a glaring sun, to praise his close friend Alberto Gonzales and lament the political “mud” that led to his resignation as attorney general.

Gonzales was not the first to go.


The loss of the Texans who formed his inner circle leaves Bush without his longest-serving and most loyal advisers at the White House. Besides Gonzales and Rove, counsel Harriet Miers has moved back to Texas and counselor Dan Bartlett has resigned. Adviser Karen Hughes left town and came back, but to a job at the State Department.

~sniff~ Who will clean up the feces now, Chimpy?

This just in from the Mighty Mikk0Mouse:

(see more here)

This tip of the hat is for you, Mighty Mikk0Mouse! null


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4 responses to “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, Al Fredo…..

  1. Hello Nonnie 😛

    About Gonzo’s certificate …

    In the final judging for “The TEN WORST U.S. Prosecutors 2007”, Gonzo even won out over this guy:
    “Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti, Jr. who decided to prosecute a medical “Good Samaritan,” Dr. Anna M. Pou, who had stayed behind as Hurricane Katrina was destroying New Orleans. The former District Attorney of Dallas was allegedly proud of saying that any prosecutor could convict a guilty man, but that it took a real pro to convict an innocent man. Foti moved prosecution to a new level by having a doctor arrested who was trying to save lives.” Hahaha! 😀 😀 😀

  2. nonnie9999

    i read that, mighty mikk0mouse!! 😆 i included the link and bookmarked the site for future reference. i hope people will go over there and read it, because it is very interesting. i didn’t read all of it yet, but i did see that 4 out of the 10 worst are from texas. 😆 they sure can pick ’em down there, huh?

  3. nightowl724

    What a kick, nonnie! (Even Harriet thinks so, apparently.)

    Favorite lines:

    The A.G. should be smart,
    And that, you clearly ain’t,
    You said that torture’s cool,
    And that Geneva’s quaint.

    Maybe Alfredo and Turdblossom can share a cell…

  4. nonnie9999

    hey nightowl! 🙂
    now all i have to do is convince ann-margret to sing it. i wonder if she is busy nowadays.
    can you picture bertie and turdie in a cell together? they would be more scared than the 2 kids in my cousin vinny.