Road2DC: A Dozen Reasons to March on Washington

A recent diary asked:
Why Should you Go to DC on 9/15?
The diarist (pssst, it was really jlynne, but I didn’t tell you!!) stated her reasons:

I am going to DC to protest the War in Iraq because I am convinced that if we do not purposely, consciously and willfully end the War, we will lose, not only the War, but the grail as well. We will lose the very thing that defines us as a Nation capable of waging war in the first instance.

Rigged elections, torture and rendition, warrantless spying, the Unitary Executive, suspension of habeas corpus, signing statements, the SPP, the Iraqi Oil Law, lost arms shipments, increased heroin production, war profiteering, the national debt, the invasion and utter destruction of a sovereign nation, the deaths of over half a million civilians and 3,723 American soldiers, the shredding of the U.S. Constitution . . . . four million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes – nearly 20% of the total population of Iraq. Twenty percent.

Well, yeah, there’s that.

In another diary, Road2DC (pssst, it was really Got a Grip, but I didn’t tell you!!) stated her reasons:

For me, the FISA bill is the last straw. I’m mad as hell, and I look around at the piles of emails, letters, and phone calls and wonder what, if any, good they’ve done, what, if any, effect they’ve had. The answer would appear to be that they’ve had no effect at all. So what recourse do I/we have? What action can we take that will have any chance of getting the attention of those that are supposed to speak for We, the People? It looks to me like the only action left to us as citizens in search of getting our message across is to protest. And do it big. I intend to begin my protest activities on September 15th in Washington DC at the Protest for Peace.

In yet another diary, this one by srkp23 (pssst, it was really srk……oh, nevermind, you probably already know that), the following points were made:

Imho, mass protest is a kind of capital investment in activist infrastructure. Not only does it feel good and rally the passions, but people actually make contacts, exchange ideas, work together, make plans for the future, and become more energized activists. Well-timed mass protest can actually grow our activist base, which translates into all of the other forms of action that kos enumerates. The bonds of friendship and group purpose that can be formed during mass action are a vital part of the strength of any infrastructure. For this reason, I think that mass protest can be an investment that provides long-lasting activist returns.
As anyone who went to yK knows, meeting your dK friends in the flesh is an unparalleled experience of joy.

Well, all those reasons are pretty good, but there are others. Now, don’t get a headache trying to think up what they are; that’s what I’m here for–umm, to give you more reasons, not to give you a headache.

1. The march takes place on September 15th. Alberto Gonzales’s last day is September 17th. You don’t want to miss this chance to say goodbye, do ya?

2. Marching is fun, and this is your chance to learn how to march from the pros!

3. You never know who (whom?) you are going to meet in D.C., even in the men’s room!

4. The march is going to be on the Mall. The Mall!! Americans love to go to the Mall!!

5. Like I said before, you never know who (whom?) you are going to meet, and sometimes, the surprise can be a good one!

6. If you are unemployed, like a lot of fellow Americans, this is an opportune time to put in a job application to be the new Attorney General or Chimpy’s Brain! Update those resumĂ©s, kids!!

7. September 15th is a Saturday, and we all know that there is nothing but crap on TV on Saturdays.

8. You can overeat like crazy on the 12th, 13th, and 14th and lie to yourself tell people it is to build up strength for marching on the 15th.

9. You will be part of the largest crowd of people you can hope for without having to audition for American Idol.

10. It’s either march on Washington or sit through High School Musical 2 with a bunch of screaming pre-teens.

11. Is there a better time to get over that fear of crowds that has plagued you all your life?

12. Did I mention that you never know who (whom?) you are going to meet in D.C.?

I’m sure there are tons more reasons to go, but I ran out of pictures. Please visit Road2DC and get in touch with other people who (whom? nope, who) are going. You might find someone to share a ride with, room with, or just hang out with. There are tips on what to bring and where to go. Make a suggestion, share your knowledge, ask a question.

Thanks, kids!

(image by Got a Grip)

Road2DC is a group of kossacks committed to building a nationwide rideshare network to make it easier for as many as possible to attend protest events in DC.

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2 responses to “Road2DC: A Dozen Reasons to March on Washington

  1. nightowl724

    Marching on the Mall is so tempting!

    Great post, nonnie.

  2. nonnie9999

    thanks, nightowl!! i hope there is a huge turnout on the 15th.
    by the way, if you go over to the Road2DC blog, there is one more reason to go to dc! it’s here: