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Tuesday night on MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams, Dan, Joe Where-are-my-eyes Scarborough, and MotherTucker Carlson were discussing Sen. Larry Craig’s (R-IMNOTGAY) arrest for playing footsie in a public bathroom and eventual guilty plea. The three of them were sitting around in a scene reminiscent of Sex in the City, only with effete men who all probably pee sitting down. MotherTucker Carlson was trying to act all macho in front of his macho buddies and relayed a story about how he was once accosted in a men’s room and how he went and got his friend who accompanied him to the men’s room to beat up the offender. Oh, the giggles that ensued!!!! null Physcial violence in response to homophobia is sooooo funny!!!! You can see the clip over at Media Matters (for some strange reason, I can’t seem to find anything about it over at MSNBC!).
Poor MotherTucker Carlson! It must be tough being so desirable! I bet it will be even worse once he starts to shave!
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It’s all okay, though, kids, because MotherTucker Carlson assured us that he isn’t anti-gay in the least!
If anyone wants to drop MSNBC a little note concerning MotherTucker Carlson and ask why he is allowed to keep his job after advocating violence against anyone (and Dan Abrams and Joe Where-are-my-eyes Scarborough for giggling about it, for that matter), head on over here, kids.
Tell ’em Nonnie sent ya! 😀


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  1. nonnie9999

    i just wrote an email to dan’s abram’s show. they have a segment called Beat the Press, where dan lambastes other shows for things they get wrong. this is what it says on the header:

    Got a tip for our “Beat the Press” segment? Send us a link or tell us where you saw the show.

    here’s the addy:
    and here is what i wrote to them:

    How about a little browbeating for Live with Dan Abrams? Talk about the show where Dan and Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson giggled like schoolgirls over Carlson’s story about his beating up someone in a men’s room because he was “bothered” by him. Does MSNBC welcome homphobes as hosts, especially one who has now admitted that he COMMITTED A CRIME?
    Yeah, what are the chances of Dan mentioning a word or, maybe, even apologizing.

    (and you know i really mean it when i actually capitalize sentences!! :D)

  2. nightowl724


    I am appalled that Tucker Carlson admitted to beating up a gay man who “bothered him” in a men’s room and that the Dan Abrams and Joe Scarborough treated it like a big joke. Carlson added that the police arrested the other guy. Maybe they should have.

    But, Carlson should have been arrested, too, for attacking someone not in self-defense. If Carlson had called the police already, why did he feel the need to find some friends to pursue his own, violent form of “justice?”

    The fact that Carlson earlier in the segment said, “I am not anti-gay in the slightest” is pure hypocrisy and irony of the worst kind. The fact that Abrams and Scarborough found the story so hysterical is loathsome and frightening.

    If it matters to you, I am not homosexual. I can’t even claim, “Some of my best friends are gay.” I am outraged only as an American – and as a caring human being.

    What’s wrong with your network for allowing this neo-conservative non-journalistic culture of hatred to permeate your organization?

    Long ago, I stopped watching CNN and Fox News because of their right-wing biases, inaccurate and incomplete reporting, and general nasty attitude. Because of that, I used to turn to MSNBC exclusively for my TV news.

    It’s a shame that your network has sunk so low over the years. Honestly, I have tried to maintain my respect for MSNBC. But, as time has passed, so has my regard for your so-called “news reports.”

    The only bright spot in your line-up is Keith Olbermann and from now on, I’ll just catch him on the web. I won’t be watching MSNBC TV any more.

  3. nightowl724

    Now that I’ve got THAT off my chest…

    nonnie, you definitely lived up to the “hysterical” in this blog’s name with:

    “Sen. Larry Craig’s (R-IMNOTGAY)”


    “Close Encounters of the Turd Kind”

    Those lines were wet-my-pants funny, especially because I am now utterly TERRIFIED to use the rest room. I had never really thought about the fact that there might be SENATORS and RIGHT WING NUTS lurking in the stalls before! 🙂

  4. nonnie9999

    terrific letter to msnbc, nightowl!
    both larry craig and tucker carlson broke the cardinal rule of public restrooms–don’t ask, don’t smell.

  5. nightowl724

    I hope they get a thousand times a thousand such letters!

    “don’t ask, don’t smell”

    You’ve done it again, nonnie. How to I explain to the dogs (who tilt their heads and look at me funny when I do this) just WHY I am laughing out loud again with no one else around?

  6. nonnie9999

    i think they will get enough letters that they can no longer ignore them. mothertucker has already adorned his story, so they are trying to stop the bleeding. i hope people continue to bombard them until they have no choice but to send mothertucker to spend some time with don imus. i honestly don’t know why they even bother to keep him. his ratings are abysmal.
    and always laugh like nobody is looking, even the puppies!!

  7. gottagrip

    I sent Dan a little message, too. It went like this….

    “Yes, Dan, here’s a tip. Dump Tucker Carlson while you can. And if you can’t find the moral fortitude to do that, then at least stop encouraging him by laughing at his “funny” stories about beating up gay guys in men’s rooms. First of all, I have my doubts that Tucker has the balls or the strength to beat up anything larger than a small dog and second, it’s insulting not only to gay people but straight grandma’s such as myself. If this is your idea of humor, maybe you should go too, and take Scarborough with you. The three of you were just repugnant, there’s really no other word for it.

    Beating up people is a crime, last time I checked. Beating up gay people is a hate crime last time I checked. Laughing about it on television is just plain stupid last time I checked. So stop it. And dump the deadbeat Tucker. He’s worthless on a good day.”

  8. nonnie9999

    brava, gotta!!!!!!

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