The Funda-mentals of the Fundamentalists

Reagan Lite? A little too lite, according to those crazy rightwingers!!
From the Associated Press:

Prominent evangelical leaders who spent the summer hoping Fred Thompson would emerge as their favored Republican presidential contender are having doubts as he begins his long-teased campaign.

Original DVD cover.

What’s bothering these paragons of acceptance and open-mindedness?

But Thompson’s less-than-clear stance on a federal gay marriage amendment and his delay in entering the race are partly responsible for a sudden shyness among leading evangelicals.

Who are these guys?

A loose network of influential evangelical leaders known as the Arlington Group…

This bunch has a problem with all the Rethug candidates, it seems.

In June, Thompson met privately with several Arlington Group members, many of whom are uncomfortable with the GOP top tier for various reasons: Arizona Sen. John McCain for championing campaign-finance overhaul and labeling some evangelical figures “agents of intolerance”; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani for backing abortion rights and gay rights; and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for his social-issue policy reversals and — for some members — his Mormon faith.

Let’s check in with the guys and see what they had to say!

“He’s got a real opportunity to be the most credible conservative candidate across the board,” said Gary Bauer, a one-time presidential aspirant who heads the advocacy group American Values. “Whether he can put it all together remains to be seen. But he’s got a real chance to emerge as the major conservative alternative to Giuliani.”

Others are skeptical about whether Thompson can fill that role.

Rick Scarborough, a Southern Baptist preacher and president of Texas-based Vision America, said that while he is encouraged by Thompson’s strong voting record in the Senate against abortion, he questioned the candidate’s commitment to social issues.

“The problem I’m having is that I don’t see any blood trail,” Scarborough said. “When you really take a stand on issues dear to the heart of social conservatives, you’re going to shed some blood in the process. And so far, Fred Thompson’s political career has been wrinkle-free.”

I thought I would look into the membership of the Arlington Group. You can see the whole list at wiki. There are lots of familiar names and some not so familiar. Pictured above, surounding Fred Thompson and his wife, Britney Spears Jeri, from left to right are:

Reverend William Owens

president and founder of Coalition of African-American Pastors an organization (CAAP) whose goal is to promote and support the Christ-centered values. He is currently promoting the Federal Marriage Amendment. Reverend Owens believes that it is one of the most crucial moral and political issues we are facing and is calling African American pastors around the country to answer the call by supporting this vital amendment.

Tony Perkins–no, not the one from Psycho! That Tony Perkins was only nuts in the movies!–this Tony Perkins….

is President of the Washington, D.C. based Family Research Council.
Tony Perkins and FRC have led the way in defending religious freedom in the public square, protecting the unborn and their mothers, defending and strengthening one man/one woman marriage and promoting pro-family public policy.

Gary Bauer

# Project for the New American Century: Founding Member
# American Values: President
# Foundation for the Defense of Democracies: Board of Advisers

and James Dobson

Focus on the Family founder and chairman James Dobson is perhaps the most influential right-wing Christian leader in the country, with a huge and loyal following that he can reach easily through an impressive media empire.

What a fun gang!! Good luck finding a candidate that’s hate-y enough for you!!


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10 responses to “The Funda-mentals of the Fundamentalists

  1. Hello Nonnie!! 😛

    Thanks for the new story, lots of funny new characters to learn about. Evangelicals are always getting cross with their rethuglians for not being enough this or enough that for their liking.

  2. Friend of the court

    WWJH-Who Would Jesus Hate? The fundamentalists folks are about spreading the wrath of God. Fear of hell is drumed into their heads, along with the requirement to, unquestioningly follow the ‘word’, according to what ever snake oil salesman has them convinced that he has been chosen, by the all mighty, to say what God thinks. Asking questions is called a lapse of faith and thinking for yourself is a sin. And they are everywhere.

  3. gottagrip

    I was raised to be a Charismatic Christian, but I wasn’t a very good one. I couldn’t figure out why there was all the talk about violence and vengeance when Jesus was all about love and forgiveness. Even when I was very young, I wondered this, and was roundly scolded when I asked. Apparently, being a godless heathen was in my DNA, left by my great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother who questioned all dogma and fought for the separation of church and state. Thank god for genetics, I say.

    When I go to the March for Peace in Washington on Sept. 15th, one of the buttons I’ll wear says “Who would Jesus bomb?” I only wish it was bigger….

    (and although nonnie can’t go to the march, I’ll be carrying her with me, adding her name to my sign…)

  4. gottagrip

    Is it my imagination, or is Fred’s head swelling these days? Sure looks huge on this pic. I think he’s been going with his wife and getting his head expanded while she does the same to those boobs…..

  5. nonnie9999

    hi mighty mikk0mouse 😀 !
    this is a fun group. i hope that some of them get their wish, and alan keyes throws his hat into the ring! he threw his own daughter out, because she is a lesbian, so i think he might be hate-y enough for this gang! 🙂

  6. nonnie9999

    these people scare the shit out of me. i think that most of them are just a bunch of lying pieces of shit, and they are in it for the power and money and nothing else. it is a shame that their followers cannot see them for the power- and money-hungry lying shitheads they are. it has nothing to do with faith. religion is merely the means, money is the end to which they aspire.

  7. nonnie9999

    i wish there were more people like your great (x 1 & x 2) grandmas around nowadays.
    please make sure i get a good spot on the sign! 😀 don’t be sticking me in some cramped corner!
    i actually picked a pic where fred and jeri (doesn’t it sound like a cartoon?) were somewhat distorted, only because i think that they are distortions. every else was distorted, and i made no effort to make them undistorted, because i think that their outside appearance should match their thinking.

  8. gottagrip

    Speaking of Alan Keyes, when I was doing research into the Freeper diary I did, I found a website with the stuff I was talking about in that diary and it’s main focus was getting Alan Keyes to run. I think I got extra cooties on me in that one…..

  9. gottagrip

    No cramped corners for you, my dear, you get the spot of honor, along with batty. I’ll be giving others the squeeze, perhaps, but not you, dear heart… 😉

  10. nonnie9999

    as in real estate, so it is with signs. location, location, location! 😀