Cut, But Don’t Run

From the Los Angeles Times:

Just when it looked like things couldn’t get worse for the Republicans, Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico, a 35-year Senate veteran, is expected to announce today that he plans to retire at the end of his term — boosting Democrats’ hopes of expanding their control of the chamber in next year’s elections.

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The Senate’s 49 Democrats, who usually are joined by its two independents, control the chamber, but often are blocked from advancing their agenda by Republican-led filibusters, which take 60 votes to overcome.

Also retiring at the end of this term are Republican Sens. John W. Warner of Virginia, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Wayne Allard of Colorado, all states where Democrats believe their party can be elected.

Republicans also are dealing with Idaho Sen. Larry E. Craig’s guilty plea to disorderly conduct in a men’s restroom.

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 — Senator Larry E. Craig of Idaho, defying the wishes of many in his own Republican Party, said today that he would remain in the Senate through next year despite a court ruling against him in Minnesota, where he sought to rescind his guilty plea stemming from an undercover sex sting.


“When my term has expired, I will retire and not seek re-election,” said Mr. Craig, who was accused of soliciting sex from an undercover police officer in the bathroom of the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport in early June. “I hope this provides the certainty Idaho needs and deserves.”

From The Swamp at the Baltimore Sun:

Asked about the slew of retirements among House Republicans – former Speaker Dennis J. Hastert among them – Minority Leader John A. Boehner professed to be unconcerned.

“I’m sure there will be some more,” the Ohio Republican said. “You always have some number of members retiring. But if you look at the members that are retiring, they’re not from districts that present a great big challenge to us. In most of those seats, I think we’re in very good condition.”

Then, Boohoo Boehner began to weep. That’s just what he does.


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5 responses to “Cut, But Don’t Run

  1. Friend of the court

    Elder Statesmen. I hope that they will all get the respect that they truely deserve. Which is to say, may the cat piss in their house slippers, daily. It is sad that there are, probably, plenty more where they came from. Hopefully, the voters have wised up enough not to send anymore to congress.

  2. gottagrip

    Boehner really missed his calling. He should be on a soap opera. He cries better on cue than anyone I’ve ever seen.

    I heard that Domenici is retiring because he has a degenerative brain disease. Duh…..

  3. nonnie9999

    isn’t it sad when a person can say that s/he served as a senator or a rep, and that no longer brings to mind any respect or any sense that the person served with anything in mind other than her/his own enrichment? i hope the cat has problems controlling its bowels, too, when it hovers over those slippers.
    gotta, i find it very interesting that the rethugs would not call for the resignation of a crooked senator who has been diagnosed with degenerative brain disease (which, i thought, was a qualification for being a rethug), but they are screaming at the top of their lungs for a senator to resign because he got caught trolling for nookie in a men’s room.

  4. gottagrip

    Priorities, nons, priorities…. 😉

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