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From Faiz Shakir at AlterNet:

On Fox and Friends this morning, co-host Steve Doocy wasted no time in attacking the announcement that Al Gore has been named a co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. “Here’s something extraordinary,” Doocy sarcastically said. “What do Al Gore, Yasser Arafat, and that crazy Jimmy Carter have in common?” Co-host Gretchen Carlson responded, “They all won the Nobel Peace Prize?”

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Fox then displayed a chyron of the last few winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, causing another co-host Brian Kilmeade, to complain: “There’s the last five winners — see Mohamed El Baradei. What do they have in common? I don’t know about the 2006 winner, but I will say 2005 and 2007 both anti-Bush.”

The Fox panel then turned its attack on An Inconvenient Truth, noting a recent court ruling by a British judge that Gore’s film should be accompanied by “guidance notes” when shown in schools. That ruling is now being challenged by schools and teachers.


If the right-wing is truly concerned about the “political” nature of the global warming debate, they should blame President Bush for that.


The reason why Gore has won so many accolades is because he is revealing the far right’s vast disinformation campaign against global warming science. And he is succeeding.


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  2. foxy-contin

    ah yes, Steve Douche-ey.

  3. nonnie9999

    i honestly didn’t even know what he looked like. i just remembered the name because stephen colbert always calls the other guy ‘brown-haired guy who isn’t steve doocy’.