Yes or No? Not Knowing is Just Torture!!

From the International Herald Tribune:

A Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee said he might consider opposing President George W. Bush’s choice for U.S. attorney general if the nominee says waterboarding is not torture.

Sen. Lindsey Graham joined two top Senate Democrats in urging nominee Michael Mukasey, a former federal judge, to disclose his views. Mukasey so far has refused to say explicitly what his position is on the lawfulness of the interrogation technique, which simulates drowning.

Where ya been, Lindsey? Out shopping for rugs in Baghdad, maybe? What took you so long to speak up?

Original DVD cover.

Last week, the committee chairman, Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and Sen. Dick Durbin, a committee member who is part of the Democratic leadership, said their votes would hinge on whether Mukasey states his answer on the record.

Leahy has refused to set a date for a vote on Mukasey’s nomination until he clarifies his answer to that question.

Also Sunday, Republican Sen. John McCain said the waterboarding issue was an important one as he decides whether to support Mukasey’s nomination.

“Anyone who says they don’t know if waterboarding is torture or not has no experience in the conduct of warfare and national security,” said McCain, a 2008 presidential candidate and a prisoner of war in Vietnam.


Sen. Christopher Dodd, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, said he would oppose Mukasey because of the nominee’s legal views.

“Mr. Mukasey’s position that the president does not have to heed the law disqualifies him from being the chief attorney for the United States,” Dodd said in a statement.

Here’s a little food for thought. If the United States, under the Chimp-in-Chief, is not torturing, then why are Graham and McCain are so upset? If they are upset because they think that there is torture going on, then why the hell have they not screamed for impeachment? Graham was one of the House managers in the Clinton impeachment. Whatever happened to the rule of law that we heard about over and over and over and over again?

If Mukasey keeps refusing to answer the question as to whether or not waterboarding is torture, I say they waterboard him until he answers.


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16 responses to “Yes or No? Not Knowing is Just Torture!!

  1. Got a Grip

    I think they should try all the techniques on him that Bush claims aren’t torture and then we can all sit down and have a chat. Of course, we should have it in a refrigerated cell, and Mukasey should be wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and a hood. Maybe attach a couple of electrodes to his nutsack just for our own amusement, then waterboard him while we chat. Nothing provides a fresh perspective like experiencing it firsthand….

  2. nonnie9999

    and don’t forget the leash!
    i think the best way to determine if something is torture or not is to undergo it. i think mukasey and all the members of the chimpy maladministration should subject themselves to all the techniques. then, they can make an educated assessment as to whether or not it is torture and whether or not it is effective in getting any info other than what the inquisitor wants to hear.

  3. Friend of the court

    Christopher Dodd nailed it. We don’t need another AG who thinks that the President is immune from the law. That the Congress is even concerning themselves with questions about torture, during a confirmation hearing, shows how far around the bend this country has gone. They need to take a step back and get a clue. Nobody, that Bush wants, will be any good for America. Cheney/Bush must go, not bring more rats onto the ship.

  4. nonnie9999

    the bad thing is that the guy is who acting ag is even worse than mukasey. it’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t type of situation. the only way to rectify it is to impeach and convict those who are doing the nominating.

  5. Got a Grip

    I’m afraid you’re right, nons. There’s nothing to do but get them out of there so they can’t keep bringing in more varmints. Apparently they don’t know anyone who isn’t evil to the bone, and if they do they’ve probably got them tied up in a box somewhere….

  6. nightowl724

    nonnie, this one really tickled me! It was the words on the Ouija board that made me LOL…

  7. nonnie9999

    i was very excited, because i got to download a brand new font. new fonts gets me very excited, because most of the time, i copy and paste and alter the lettering in the originals. it’s usually a huge pain in the ass.

  8. A*a*r*0*N

    Personally since i saw the pictures at abu grab i was upset that the great nation i lived in was stepping to new lows but through almost a solid month of research i have come up with the resolution: the question of torture isnt if but when and why. torture has its place. It might be in a very restricted setting with highly trained and specialized MI’s with a system of checks and balances.

  9. A*a*r*0*N

    and on that note i would like to ask Friend of the court,nonnie9999, and Got a Grip the following question: What would you say if I said you are sympathizers with be headers of American hostages, suicide bombers, and with terrorists?

  10. A*a*r*0*N

    Are you justifying and defending the terrorists who attacked us?

  11. A*a*r*0*N

    Are the Geneva Convention laws technically applicable to the conflict with al Qaeda and if so why?

    Is the secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld to blame for abu grab?

    If you were the president of the United States would you make certain that you had done everything you could to prevent another catastrophic act of terrorism?

  12. A*a*r*0*N

    And finally if you really dont think whats going on is right why arent you truely taking a stand against it? Or you could just take up time blogging on this sight like a coward

  13. A*a*r*0*N

    i wait to here from you….. lol

  14. Tips for the clueless . . .

    First Clue: A*a*r*o*n shows up in a thread no one has posted to in over two months demanding answers to questions that are relevant only to those sick twisted souls who willingly torture others simply because someone told them they should. A*a*r*o*n, would you jump off a cliff too, if . . . . ?

    Second Clue: “the question of torture isnt if but when and why. torture has its place. ” I can truly see the appeal here . . . A*a*r*o*n, when would it be appropriate to torture you?

    Third Clue: “What would you say if I said you are sympathizers with be headers of American hostages, suicide bombers, and with terrorists?” I’d say that you need to study the definition of sympathy further, maybe even meditate on it – try burning some incense – I hear that helps.

    Fourth Clue: “Are you justifying and defending the terrorists who attacked us?” Now A*a*r*o*n, surely you don’t mean to suggest that the failure to torture a living person is the equivalent of defending dead people’s actions?

    Fifth Clue: “Are the Geneva Convention laws technically applicable to the conflict with al Qaeda and if so why?” Why yes, A*a*r*o*n, they are. Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions sets a minimal standard of treatment for all human beings held in U.S. custody. It prohibits torture. The Geneva Conventions were included in the War Crimes Act and were reaffirmed in the Military Commissions Act. Since the Geneva Conventions are legally binding, I am left to wonder why you aren’t lobbying Congress to legalize torture and withdraw from the Geneva Conventions?

    Sixth Clue: “Is the secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld to blame for abu grab?” Yes. That’s what a position of authority in a hierarchical organization entails – you are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in your sphere on your watch, even if you didn’t flip the switch yourself. That’s why he was paid the big bucks.

    Seventh Clue: “If you were the president of the United States would you make certain that you had done everything you could to prevent another catastrophic act of terrorism?” Why yes, A*a*r*o*n I would. Which is one reason that I oppose the use of torture – it merely breeds terrorism – for some reason people get really angry when they are involuntarily and maliciously subjected to pain and agony.

    I’m glad we had this chat. The clueless now have some clues, and you and I have found so much common ground. It’s very refreshing. Trolls and I don’t usually communicate so well.

  15. Got a Grip

    Well, A*a*r*0*N, since you’ve seen fit to call me out personally without actually having a clue about what I may or may not do personally, I feel I must get a little personal with you as well.

    I won’t address your idiotic bullshit, as jlynne has done it far more eloquently than I would have done. And she’s done it without the kind of coarse language that comes to mind when I read this kind of bullshit from a fool like you. What I will say is that I don’t just hang around posting comments on blogs. I read to keep informed and I write to inform others. I know it’s probably beyond your capabilities, but I’m quite capable of stringing two or more sentences together in a coherent fashion. I make calls, write letters and personally show up on the doorsteps of my lawfully elected representatives to tell them what I think. Since, you know, they’re supposed to be representing me as part of We, The People and they’re doing it on my dime. That includes both the federal, state and local levels, as I actually go to those dry old City Council meetings to see what’s actually going on in my town. I find it’s good to know the people who represent me at all levels of government, if possible, it’s harder to ignore someone you know. And I take it to the streets in protest at every opportunity. I work for worthy candidates both online and offline. I vote (what a concept).

    Now perhaps you’d care to tell me what the hell it is exactly that you do to promote your idiotic, barbaric talking points. I mean besides showing up out of nowhere in the dead threads of a blog and calling out people you neither know or understand. I have no doubt you do a variety of fascinating things. Please share, I’m dying to know.

    Or better yet, go fuck yourself, troll. You’re in way over your head, we’re all intelligent people here, you’re out of your league. But thanks for playing.

  16. daMule


    You seem like one of those “law and order” kinda people – you know, the kind that say “what part of illegal alien don’t you understand?”

    While jlynne’s snark is pointed, on point and probably sufficient, I feel compelled to simplify, simplify, simplify the argument just for you.

    Torture is illegal.

    It really is that simple. Treaties, even those with which you might disagree are on par with the Constitution, and as such, the law of the land. And that, A*a*r*0*N, means that torture is illegal and is to be punished by our criminal justice system.

    Not only is torture illegal, but so is destroying evidence of a crime – any crime. Like evidence of U.S. operatives performing torture. And as jlynne points out, the boss IS responsible for what happens on their watch. And you know what that means….

    A word of advice:

    If you wanna be a “conservative”, go ahead, it’s fine with us. If you want to worry and wring your hands and ignore the laws and customs that once made this nation great, all in the name of “security”, by all means go right ahead and piss away what our forefathers died for.

    But if you want to discuss anything with the likes of us, then I’d suggest you at the very least be honest and consistent in your views.

    So I’ll ask you, A*a*r*0*N, what part of illegal do you not understand?