Up In Smoke

If you saw yesterday’s diary, then you know that I was more than willing to give Grandpa Fred Thompson the benefit of the doubt when it came to his long-time friend, supporter, contributor and fundraiser Philip J. Martin. However, after digging up a rather incriminating photo, I am not so sure how innocent it all was.

Original DVD cover.
Anyway, though Grandpa Fred defended the crap out of his buddy on Meet the Press yesterday, old Phil has resigned.

From the Boston Herald:

“I have decided to resign my position as chair of ’First Day Founders’ of ’The Friends of Fred Thompson,’” Philip Martin said in a statement. “The focus of this campaign should be on Fred Thompson’s positions on the issues and his outstanding leadership ability, not on mistakes I made some 24 years ago. I deeply regret any embarrassment this has caused.”

The First Day Founders of the Friends of Fred Thompson? 😆 Farcically freakin’ funny!

Thompson has flown around the country in a private jet borrowed from Martin, a businessman and co-chairman of Thompson’s campaign, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

Martin pleaded guilty to the sale of 11 pounds of marijuana in 1979, but the court withheld judgment pending completion of his probation. In 1983, he was charged with violating probation and multiple counts of bookmaking, cocaine trafficking and conspiracy. He pleaded no contest to the cocaine-trafficking and conspiracy charges, and was continued on probation, the newspaper said.

Thompson said Sunday he was unaware of Martin’s criminal past, but that he wouldn’t “throw my friend under the bus” for decades-old indiscretions.

What will happen to Grandpa Fred’s travel plans now? Maybe he needs to find that bus that he is not going to throw Phil under and use it to get to campaign stops.
From ABC News:

Campaign officials said today that in the wake of Phil Martin’s resignation, Thompson was no longer using his private jet and took a commercial flight to New Hampshire last night.

There is no indication what action, if any, the campaign may take about the money Martin has contributed and raised for the campaign.


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10 responses to “Up In Smoke

  1. Got a Grip

    Damn it!! And I was hoping we’d get to ride on that plane before Phil went up in smoke….. 😉

  2. nonnie9999

    i am sure other scumbags will surface, and there will be more fun to be had. these people have way too much money, and in most cases, you can’t make that much money without getting your hands dirty. besides, it is just a matter of time before grandpa fred’s whole campaign goes up in smoke. we just have to hope that the wind is blowing in the right direction.

  3. Got a Grip

    AAAaaahhhhhh, the winds of change. The smell will be sweet (or a little skunky, depending of the variety of the change)……

  4. nonnie9999

    with grandpa fred, i am kinda scared to imagine what might be in the wind. whatever you do, don’t pull his finger! 😮

  5. Got a Grip

    Good point….

  6. kip

    You know, looking at that photo, I kinda feel sorry for Snoop!

  7. nightowl724

    It’s OK. Fred wasn’t inhaling anyway.

  8. nonnie9999

    no worries, kip, a few deep breaths near those engines, and snoop won’t be feeling any pain.

    and, nightowl, i bet that most people around grandpa fred are constantly checking to make sure he is still inhaling. it’s hard to tell just looking at him.

  9. Friend of the court

    There is plenty of inhaling going on, by somebody there. They think that ‘State Law’, means the State of Denial. “I made a mistake.”, and it was a long time ago. Just because a guy, on probation for selling 11 pounds of grass, gets busted for selling coke to an undercover cop, doesn’t mean that he is not a fine, upstanding citizen. ‘It’s Ok If You Are Rich’, these folks never break the law, they only make mistakes. Bush has shown that loyalty to friends is all that matters. Another President, with a band of loyal lawbreakers, is just what this country needs, at this point in our history.

  10. nonnie9999

    i wouldn’t mind it all so much if there was not a double standard. a poor kid can have nothing more than a joint in his pocket, and he will go to jail. there will be none of this forgiveness that these compassionate 😆 😆 😆 conservatives seem to tap into when it is one of their own who gets busted. class warfare is here, and it is just a matter of time until we peasants will have no choice but to revolt. i know i can be quite revolting! 😉