Chimpy and Nicky Sittin’ In a Tree….

From Time:

Certain things appear identical on both sides of the Atlantic these days: France and America seem to be friends again; warm relations and mutual esteem have replaced nearly five years of diplomatic disdain; and presidents George Bush and Nicolas Sarkozy may start having regular sleep-overs if they become any better friends.

Ooh, la la!
Original DVD cover.
To the tune of Rosie (from Bye, Bye Birdie), lyrics by Lee Adams, and music by Charles Strouse.
(Sing along with Chimpy and Nic with a little help from youtube!)

Now my life is rosy,
Since I met Sarkozy,
With my sweet Sarkozy,
How could I be blue?
Hand in hand we’ll mosey,
Me and Nic Sarkozy,
We are now so cozy,
So we’ll tell Mahmoud, “Fuck you!”

Well, I thought that France was a crock,
I had to deal with Jacques Chirac,
But now Nic’s with me,
And we both agree,
Even if he won’t blow up stuff in Iraq!

Nic Sarkozy,
He’s so nice, he blows me,
Life is one sweet beautiful song to me.

Now my life is rosy,
(Oh, my wife left me, you know)
Me and my Sarkozy,
(I love Americans so)
With my sweet Sarkozy
(So how could we be blue?)
How could I be blue?

Oh, I know that it was a surprise,
But I love to look in your blue eyes,
But I have one wish, there is a side dish…
I’ll have them change the name back to French Fries!
For my Sarkozy,

I’m so glad you chose me!
Who needs old flames, like Tony Blair?
When love is right then
Life is so fair,
Think we’ll have fun when we’re in gay Paree!!

Awwww, ain’t that sweet?


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2 responses to “Chimpy and Nicky Sittin’ In a Tree….

  1. nightowl724

    nonnie, I think you’ve got yourself a HIT on your hands! What a wonderful way to start the day (except for having to look at Chimpy’s face a bajillion times)! The song “Rosie” was the perfect choice here. And, the lyrics are oh-so-funny, especially…

    “But I have one wish, there is a side dish…
    I’ll have them change the name back to French Fries!”

    Thanks for the fun!

  2. nonnie9999

    thanks, nightowl! 😀
    i was hoping you would show up. i know that you love song parodies as much as i do. when i first heard the name ‘sarkozy’, ‘rosie’ immediately sprung to mind. i guess that says something about my sanity when i think of the world in terms of what song fits. 🙄 glad you enjoyed it!