Since it is the day after Thanksgiving, and we are probably all recovering from our feeding orgies , I am serving leftovers tonight. I was going to title this DINO-sores. I made it after Michael Mukasey was confirmed as Attorney General.

Original DVD cover.

From the Associated Press (November 9th):

WASHINGTON (AP) — Of neither Washington nor President Bush’s Texas power circle, Michael Mukasey won his new job as attorney general in large part by vowing to be his own man. But Bush, his Capitol Hill allies and congressional Democrats have plenty of expectations for the retired federal judge, and political pressure will be there.


At least 15 senior Justice Department officials have resigned since Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. began his investigation of the firings of federal prosecutors [affectionately known here as Gonzogate] at the start of 2007. The departures include Mukasey’s predecessor [Alberto] Gonzales, his second- and third-in-command and five assistant attorneys general.

Majority Democrats in the Senate have a list of expectations, too — chiefly, that Mukasey work closely with them.

Six Democrats, after all, helped seal his confirmation, even if all 40 votes against also came from the Democratic side of the aisle. Whether they voted for Mukasey or not, Democrats widely want him to examine the interrogation tactic designed to make the subject think he is drowning, and answer definitively: Is it illegal torture?

“I do believe he will be a truly nonpolitical, nonpartisan attorney general; that he will make his views very clear; and that, once he has the opportunity to do the evaluation he believes he needs on waterboarding, he will be willing to come before the Judiciary Committee and express his views comprehensively and definitively,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, one of the six who voted with the majority for confirmation.

Added Schumer, Mukasey’s chief Democratic patron:

“No one questions that Judge Mukasey would do much to turn around the Justice Department and much to remove the stench of politics from this vital institution.”


“This is like saying when somebody murders somebody with a baseball bat and you say, ‘We had a law against murder but we never mentioned baseball bats,'” said Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. “Murder is murder. Torture is torture.”

Being better than Gonzales or an acting attorney general is not enough qualification for the job, said Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass.


Waterboarding is banned by domestic law and international treaties. But U.S. law applies to Pentagon personnel and not the CIA. The administration won’t say whether it has allowed the agency’s employees to use it against terror detainees.

Mukasey has called waterboarding personally “repugnant,” and in a letter to senators said he did not know enough about how it has been used to define it as torture. He also said he thought it would be irresponsible to discuss it since doing so could make interrogators and other government officials vulnerable to lawsuits.

Mukasey, 66, was the White House’s first choice to replace Gonzales.

Besides Schumer and Feinstein, Democrats voting to confirm Mukasey were: Sens. Evan Bayh of Indiana, Tom Carper of Delaware, Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

I hope I am sufficiently recovered by tomorrow and can cook up something new for you kids.


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5 responses to “Leftovers

  1. Friend of the court

    Politics is a stupid way to run a country. Compromise is, almost always, settling for a bad thing because something else is worse. I didn’t vote for a representative so that she could decide I would rather be pissed on by this guy, than shit on by the other one. I’m going to look for my umbrella.

  2. nightowl724

    To paraphrase Morton salt, fotc, “When they reign, we’re poor.”

    nonnie, please let the raisin out of the stockade now. You don’t want to be accused of torture! Besides, I’m not done interrogating him, but I don’t want anyone to see me doing it…

    PS Does anyone know if raisins become grapes again when they are water-boarded? Or, do they just explode, or what?

  3. nonnie9999

    it’s the people who decide the definition of politics who are stupid. things are so contentious today that compromise usually means that nothing is really changing.
    nightowl, you know that i am sooooo going to use that morton salt thing! i love it! in fact, the poster for tonight is going to touch upon that subject, so i just might follow up with your little motto!
    you made poor little raisin very nervous. he is very paranoid about his weight, and waterboarding would make him plump like a zeppelin. don’t worry, he’s not angry (no grapes of wrath jokes here! 😆 ), just a little hysterical. 🙂

  4. nightowl724

    nonnie, I’m thrilled you liked my slogan! Do with it what you like…

    Please tell raisin to relax. I’ve decided to go after bigger fruits – and maybe a few nuts.

  5. nonnie9999

    no worries, nightowl. i gave raisin a valium. he will be okay when he wakes up. 🙂