But…but…but all of Chimpy’s buddies are getting rich!

From the Los Angeles Times:

WASHINGTON β€” As President Bush spoke about the state of the nation’s economy recently in the century-old Grand theater in New Albany, Ind., his words were as cheery as the vaudeville acts that once played there.

But the storyline beyond the stage is closer to film noir.

Original movie poster.

Gasoline? More than $3 a gallon in most of the country, up more than 85 cents from a year ago. Housing prices? Falling. Mortgage payments? On the rise. Financial markets? Up, down, up, down. The dollar? Down. Way down.

The president acknowledged the economic woes, calling them “serious challenges.” But he pointed out that the nation’s job growth was on a record-setting 50-month run, unemployment was “a low 4.7%” and in the third quarter the economy grew at “a vigorous rate of 3.9%.” He spoke of “economic vitality” and the 8.3 million jobs created by “American entrepreneurs and dreamers and doers.”


The message reflected the president’s campaign to calm fears about the economy with a sunny outlook as the nation heads into the election year that could prove troubling to a Republican Party burdened with his unpopular leadership. In the last six weeks, he has made at least five speeches in which he talked up the economy.

But it is an increasingly difficult pitch for Bush: Polls show that Americans are growing more pessimistic about the economy, with more saying it is doing poorly than at any other time in the last five years. And the projections of private economists and the Federal Reserve Board suggest that pessimism is well-founded.


[Allan H.] Meltzer [a professor of political economy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business] and other economists said the president’s morale-boosting speeches were up against the realities that Americans encountered each day, which figures into perceptions of the economy along with the data and trends the president cites.

“They are influenced most by what they see,” he said. They may find a 2% raise reflected in their paycheck, but what they see “at grocery stores and gas stations is chewing it up.”

Tim Vercellotti, director of polling at Rutgers University’s Eagleton Institute of Politics, said: “Hearing statements about . . . the robust nature of the economy is not as persuasive as what you hear in your social network: A neighbor losing a house, or a relative filing for unemployment. That resonates more. Or just buying gas these days.”

With the economy starting to edge out the war in Iraq as the main concern of voters, and the Rethuglicans nervous about their chances in the 2008 presidential election, you know they aren’t going to trust spokemodel White House press secretary Dana Perino with this hot potato. Nope. This is a job for Kevin Sullivan!

Kevin Sullivan, White House communications director, said that in discussing what Sullivan called “kitchen-table issues,” Bush was careful to recognize the daily economic realities that Americans face and “to empathize with someone who is struggling with gas prices or college tuition.” Similarly, the economic shocks of his presidency have become a Bush mantra: the bursting of the dot-com bubble, the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Enron and other corporate scandals and Hurricane Katrina. The ability of the nation’s economy to overcome them, Bush argues, demonstrates its inherent strength.

And Bush’s use of figures demonstrating economic growth or low unemployment, Sullivan said, strengthen the president’s argument. “He’s very credible on the economy because of his record,” the White House aide said. “It’s not just him saying, ‘Trust me.’

Would you excuse me for just a moment, please……….
Sorry, now where were we?

Critics say that in addition to looking backward, Bush is cherry-picking economic statistics to find those that allow him to present an upbeat report.

Unemployment continues to hover below 5%, “but the quality of the jobs people have is deteriorating, the income gap is increasing, and there is more job insecurity,” said Michael S. Lewis-Beck, a political economist at the University of Iowa.

At the same time, he said, inflation is low, but “is starting to heat up.” The Consumer Price Index grew 3.5% in October over the previous October. And economic growth for 2007 is predicted to end up around 2% — a sizable drop from the third quarter’s 3.9% that Bush touts.

In the end, Lewis-Beck and others said, Bush risks his credibility on the economy by presenting a picture that does not mesh with people’s experiences.

Oh, c’mon, Mr. Lewis-Beck! Chimpy and credibility don’t even belong in the same sentence unless there is a big fat not in there!


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14 responses to “But…but…but all of Chimpy’s buddies are getting rich!

  1. Friend of the court

    My brother worked for 15 years for a family owned roofing company. This year, the company called it quits, in no small part, due to the cost of employee health insurance. When a full time job is eliminated and two part time non-benefited jobs are created, it is not a rosie job picture. I can’t wait for Bush to be out of work.

  2. nonnie9999

    the dc’ers live in their little bubble, and they have no clue how much it costs for people to put food on their families and shoes on the tootsies of the kids. they get all their benefits for life, so the hell with the rest of us. why should they give a damn when someone goes broke paying for the surgery of a family member when they get the best healthcare imaginable for free? lobbyists pay for their dinners, so why should they give a flying shit what it costs the rest of us for food (even the tainted food)?
    nope, they will wait until benefits run out for the unemployed and for them to stop looking for work so that they can brag about how the unemployment numbers have gone down. they are too stupid to realize that those of us on the ground realize that joe next door lost his job and then his house, eloise across the street died for lack of health insurance, and little sally and bobby down the street are going to school with no breakfast in their bellies and holes in their shoes.

  3. Friend of the court

    They’ll be around next year, talking the talk and asking for money and votes, though. Then it’s two or four or six more years of giving billions and more billions and supplemental billions to the Defense Department and their “approved”, contractors, to protect us from the terrists, who want to harm us.

  4. nonnie9999

    i fear they will always be there until we take all the money out of campaigning and public office. when the lobbyists are no longer allowed to pay for campaigns (or give the pols’ relatives lucrative jobs), then the politicians will no longer have to kowtow to them. however, the 2 parties are so ensconces in the way things are now that things won’t change until either the people revolt or other parties are allowed to come to the electoral table.

  5. nightowl724

    Money may talk, but I wish Bush’s bullshit would walk! Great cover, nonnie, again…

  6. nonnie9999

    money talks very loudly in dc nowadays. even after chimpy walks, there will still be plenty of the bastards left in dc who hear the call of ka-ching.

  7. TRM

    Sorry to disappoint but my family and friends are doing fine…
    But of course everybody else’s problems are Bush’s fault… that mean, mean man

  8. nonnie9999

    well, trm, just as long as you and your friends and family are doing well, then i guess the country has nothing to worry about. so what if the infrastructure is crumbling, gas is over 3 bucks a gallon, and millions have no health insurance? so what if kids will be getting lead poisoning for christmas, and others will no longer have houses due to foreclosures? big deal that people will be freezing in their homes, because they can’t afford to turn on the heat? so what that soldiers’ families are living on food stamps, and so many who are coming home don’t get the care that they need? as long as you and your family and friends are okay, trm, then we can all sleep well at night.

  9. I work at a car dealership here in Minnesota, and I can’t believe the number of Canadians who cross the border lately to buy vehicles and bring them back, if that’s indicative.

  10. nonnie9999

    hi chenzhen!
    so what if the dollar is weak? trm and his friends are doing just fine, so there is nothing to worry about.

  11. TRM

    All the issues you pointed out are all the reasons anyone should need to replace the Dems in the Senate and House and vote Republican in ’08… just my opinion…

  12. nonnie9999

    oh yeah! think of how the economy improved for so many under the rethugs. the average income went way up for:
    1. bathroom attendants in airports from dc to idaho (thanks, senator craig!! πŸ˜€ )
    2. hookers in new orleans (thanks, senator vitter!! πŸ˜€ )
    3. neil, marvin, barbara, and george h.w. bush
    4. home remodelers in alaska (thanks, uncle ted stevens!! πŸ˜€ )
    5. erik prince and blackwater
    6. dick cheney and all his halliburton friends
    7. donald rumsfeld and his tamiflu-zees
    8. big pharma
    9. big oil
    10. casinos on the gulf coast
    screw the middle class and poor! vote rethuglican!!! πŸ™‚

  13. TRM

    I really wish I could put into words how your logic is backwards. Dems practice the “give them a fish” logic, Repubs practice the “teach them to fish” logic… I watched a gathering of Black Republicans in Florida today on C-Span. Lynn Swann, Rev. Wesley Leonard, Angela McGlowan, Jennifer Carroll, they all explained how the Dem party is the actual enemy to the poor and minorities. I’ll try to come up with something soon and let you know…
    in the meantime, I like your parodies, could we get some nudity??? Not Larry Craig either please…..

  14. nonnie9999

    yeah, why give ’em a fish when you can wait for katrina and have fish flowing through every poor and middle class household in new orleans? don’t bother to fix the infrastructure so that people can drive over bridges safely or not have to worry about their houses being underwater. i’m sure the rich people will fare just fine.