Whole Lott-a Leavin’ Goin’ On

From The New York Times:

PASCAGOULA, Miss., Nov. 26 — Senator Trent Lott’s announcement on Monday that he would resign in a few weeks added to the growing Republican exodus from Congress, but may have strengthened Mr. Lott’s post-Senate job prospects.

By retiring before the end of the year, Mr. Lott, the 66-year-old minority whip and Mississippi dealmaker who fell from power with a remark touching on segregation but then bounced back, avoids new rules forcing senators to wait two years before lobbying former colleagues.

Original DVD cover.

Still, Mr. Lott insisted Monday that he was not ending his 35-year career in Congress because of the rules, pointing instead to “financial commitments” made before Hurricane Katrina, a desire to “do something else” and other reasons

Oops! So sorry! I was just checking my birth certificate to check and see if I was born yesterday. As it turns out, I was, so I completely accept that Senator Helmet Hair Senator Lott quitting before the end of the year is just a big coincidence and has nothing to do with the new rules!

Mr. Lott is the sixth Republican senator to announce his retirement, and one of the more practiced ones.

His party is the presumptive favorite to retain the seat next year in this deeply Republican state. But in next year’s elections, Republicans must now defend 23 Senate seats, and Democrats only 12. Seventeen Republicans and five Democrats are giving up their House seats.

James A. Thurber, director of the Center for Presidential and Congressional Studies at American University, said there was no question in his mind that Mr. Lott’s decision had been influenced by the new ethics and lobbying rules. Senators who retire this year have to wait only one year before lobbying their former colleagues, instead of the two years that go into effect in 2008.

“The new two-year cooling off period is encouraging people who have been around for a long time, especially in the minority, to leave,” Mr. Thurber said. “They know that the golden window of opportunity is immediate.”

Oh, pooh, Mr. Thurber! Senator Helmet Hair Senator Lott wouldn’t lie to us!

Mr. Lott, responding to questions about why he was stepping down so soon after his 2006 re-election, said he had wanted to leave the Senate after his previous term expired, but “then Katrina intervened” and he ran again “because the people I loved so much were still struggling” with the storm’s aftermath.

Now, “we’ve gotten through Katrina, and I just felt like I needed to do something with my limited time in life.” He said he had no specific plans.

That nasty Katrina! I sure am glad that all the victims of the storm have “gotten through” it. I bet they can’t stop thanking you for the love, Senator Helmet Hair Senator Lott.

“I’ve been on mountaintops,” Mr. Lott said Monday. “I’ve been down in the valley. I took a few licks. I made a few mistakes.”

Then Senator Helmet Hair he broke out in song and performed, My Way. Unfortunately, his former Singing Senators songmates were not there to harmonize.


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14 responses to “Whole Lott-a Leavin’ Goin’ On

  1. nightowl724

    You are extra funny tonight, nonnie:
    Oops! So sorry! I was just checking my birth certificate to check and see if I was born yesterday.

    That nasty Katrina! I sure am glad that all the victims of the storm have “gotten through” it.

    Then (Senator Helmet Hair) he broke out in song and performed, My Way.

    Of course, Lott gave you plenty of fodder!

    On the topic at hand, the silver lining is that at least they are leaving sooner rather than later…

  2. TRM

    Uhhh, didn’t Mississippi recover quite nicely? I think you are thinking of Louisiana. The Dem(S) did a jam up job there didn’t they? Natural disasters should always fall on the state before their hand goes out to a federal purse.

    Dare I say that if any one of you quit a job and were offered another for tons of cash, wouldn’t you take it? Be honest now 🙂

    I would… is hysterical raisins looking for a pissed off/un-hinged, conservative?

  3. nonnie9999

    what can i say? Senator Helmet Hair brings out the best in me. 😀
    i wonder if the voters in mississippi will see the silver lining. however misguided, they signed for 6 years, and all they got was one. i can’t wait for all the scandals to come out. what is little trent hiding?

  4. nonnie9999

    who in mississippi recovered quite nicely? the poor? the middle class? the people who had to fight tooth and nail with insurance companies only to end up with nothing? the huge casino corporations were the ones who made out like bandits.
    if lott was in the private sector and left for a more lucrative job, i wouldn’t blame him. however, when you run for office, you are making a pledge to your constituents that you intend to serve them for the full term. of course, things happen that might shorten the fulfillment of that promise–illness, for example–but the promise of a lot of money should not be one of them. being a senator should be a privilege and an honor, not a stepping stone to a lucrative career in l0bbying. it’s called public service, not full-service atm.

  5. Friend of the court

    Looks like we already have a “pissed off/un-hinged conservative”. All we need now, is tons of cash. Where does all that Federal Money come from, again? I may be wrong but, I thought that it was from people who live in States. Guess, all that money gets used up making un-natural disasters, like Iraq.

  6. nonnie9999

    the sad thing is that the respectable conservatives who are still out there (yes! there really are some!) are being tarnished by the scumbags who rubberstamped the moron-in-chief until it was all out of control. we really do need some true conservatives in dc. i am not talking about the imbecilic right-wing crazies, but the conservatives who keep an eye on spending and really do have some respect for the constitution. unfortunately, dc and the media have turned into sick reality shows, so the crazies on the fringes are the ones who get all the attention.

  7. TRM

    Would I be classified a crazy on the fringe?

  8. nonnie9999

    i don’t know enough about you, trm, to classify you. all i know is that, although you disagree with me on the things i post here, you have always been respectful, and that is appreciated.

  9. TRM

    And we will probably never agree, but I still think your pretty good at making funny’s…
    that’s why I try to make ’em too!!!

    I just wished you realized that I am right regarding all things political…

  10. nonnie9999

    many years from now, trm, you will have your smack-yourself-on-the-head v8 moment when you say to yourself, “geez, nonnie was right all along!!”

  11. TRM

    followed immediately with a razor blade and draino cock tail…

  12. nonnie9999

    why, trm, i am flattered that you want your last thoughts to be of me! 😆

  13. TRM

    ok ok we could go on forever with this…
    no soup for you!

  14. nonnie9999

    dream on, trm. i make damned good soup!