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Get With the Program!

Looks like the White House is hosting a little soiree, complete with a concert!

Original DVD cover.
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Happy 2008, Policyholders!!!

Well, those of you who will live to see it!

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A Connecticut Wanker in the GOP Court

Got this in the mail today from frosty New England:
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Judy Sleighs Me!

While poor Judy is looking for a ride to the mall so she can exchange her Christmas gifts, I wanted to show you the card she sent to the Raisin:
She had a lovely poem inside:
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Santa Pause

Just got this in the mail from Fred Thompson:
Original art.
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Merry Chimpmas

Looks like Barbara Bush took Chimpy to the mall to get his picture taken with Santa for their Christmas cards:
Original DVD cover
Oops! Looks like Georgie got hold of the cards before they were mailed!
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BillO Saves Xmas, but first….

Yes, we received a card from Faux News, but before you scroll down to see it, thank you to all our readers and commenters. We are honored to have you.
And now, before we get all mushy, here’s the card from Rupert and his pals:
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