Chimpy gets call from Iceland, insists he didn’t order any ice

From Iceland Review Online:

A 16-year-old Icelandic prankster, Vífill Atlason, called the Presidential Office of the White House the first weekend in December and requested a telephone meeting with George W. Bush as Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland.

Original DVD cover.

After having answered a number of questions about Grímsson’s persona with the aid of Wikipedia, and being sent from operator to operator, Atlason was given contact with Bush’s private secretary and granted a telephone meeting with the president at 7 pm on December 3, Fréttabladid reports.

But at the last minute, White House officials noticed there was something fishy about the caller, and Atlason was paid a visit by the police in Akranes, where he lives, instead. US authorities were keen to find out how an Icelandic teenager could have known the secret telephone number of the White House Presidential Office.

Atlason claims not to remember where he got his hands on the telephone number. The teenage prankster does not expect to get into any legal trouble for his “light telephone prank.”

“I wasn’t rude and was addressed as ‘Mr. President’ by the White House staff over and over again. It was totally worth all the fuss,” Atlason said.


A White House representative told ABC that it is not particularly difficult to find the number Atlason had called; it is an unclassified number on the White House switchboard.

But hold on, kids! From World Bulletin:

A White House official, who asked not to be identified, denied the young man had accessed a private number but instead dialled 202-456-1414, the main switchboard for the West Wing.

Vífill’s mother, Harpa Hreinsdottir, a teacher at the local high school, said her son did, in fact, get through to a private phone.

“This was not a switchboard number of any kind,” she told ABC News, “it was a secret number at the highest security level.”

Vífill claims he was passed on to several people, each of them quizzing him on President Grímsson’s date of birth, where he grew up, who his parents were and the date he entered office.

“It was like passing through checkpoints,” he said. “But I had Wikipedia and a few other sites open, so it was not so difficult really.”

When he finally got through to President Bush’s secretary, Vífill alleges he was told to expect a call back from Bush.

“She told me the president was not available at the time, but that she would mark it in his schedule to call me back on Monday evening,” he said.

Instead, the police showed up at his home in Akranes, a fishing town about 48 kilometers from Reykjavik, and took him to the local police station, where they questioned the 16-year-old for several hours.

“The police chief said they were under orders from U.S. officials to “find the leak” — that I had to tell them where I had found the number,” he said. “Otherwise, I would be banned from ever entering the United States.”

It was just a switchboard number that anyone can get, but they had the authorities question him for several hours?

Atlason’s mother Harpa, who was not home at the time, said she was shocked to find her son had been taken away by the police but could not quite bring herself to be angry with her son.

“He’s very resourceful you know,” she said. “He has become a bit of a hero in Iceland. Bush is very unpopular here.”


When ABC verified the number, it was the Secret Service Uniform Division, which handles security for the president.

I wonder when the kid gets waterboarded.


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35 responses to “Chimpy gets call from Iceland, insists he didn’t order any ice

  1. TRM

    instead of water boarding they should make him perform fellatio on Queen Hillary…. that should scar him for life….

    Leave George alone 😦

  2. Got a Grip

    Leave George alone?


    Yes, we should definitely save George the embarrassment of talking to a teenager from a foreign country. Lord knows what kind of imbecile he’d look like after an encounter like that…..

  3. nonnie9999

    why aren’t they interrogating jenna for several hours for dialing her father’s number on national tv? i would be willing to bet that that is how the kid figured out what the number was.
    of course, chimpy won’t be talking to anyone until someone comes along to turn the phone receiver around for him.

  4. Got a Grip

    Yep, I bet the kid got the number from watching Jenna and Ellen. So, to teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget, let’s have them waterboard Jenna live on TV until she tells us just how many pairs of socks papa had stuffed in the crotch of his flight suit when he declared “Mission Accomplished”…..

  5. nightowl724

    Oh, my, nonnie – where to begin?

    First of all, my kids and my dogs hate you at the moment because I laughed so hard that I woke them up at 4:45am. The upside-down phone! Just like the upside-down “My Pet Goat” book! The string tied around Bush’s finger to help him tell right from left! (He really needs a reminder to help him differentiate between right and WRONG!) The oddball story and your snide comments!

    You really are reaching new levels of snark.

  6. nightowl724

    Oh, yeah – about this comment: “Otherwise, I would be banned from ever entering the United States.”

    As if he would really care!

    Iceland best place to live, Africa worst: UN

    “Rich free-market countries dominate the top places, with Iceland, Norway, Australia, Canada and Ireland the first five but the United States slipping to 12th place from eighth last year in the U.N. Human Development Index.?

  7. TRM


  8. nonnie9999

    wouldn’t it be more interesting to waterboard not-jenna in front of her twin and watch to see if she volunteers to take her place? let’s see how far bush loyalty goes. it’s not like waterboarding is torture or anything. right?

  9. nonnie9999

    my apologies to kids and critters. i had the poster finished, but it was missing something. i stared at it for a while, and i thought of adding the tag to his finger. thank you for noticing it. 😀

  10. nonnie9999

    poor trm,
    you really want to come over to the dark side, don’t you? throw away that conservative baggage, trm! join us! it’s so much more fun over here. 🙂

  11. Got a Grip

    Yes, TRM, do join us. We’re much more fun and a hell of alot less evil than your current team. Come on, avoid the Christmas rush and just do it. You know you want to…..

    As to that vaunted Bush loyalty, nons, I’m afraid that it only extends one way. You must be loyal to them and be willing to fall on your sword when they get caught with their fingers in the jam. The perks of Royalty, you know….

  12. nonnie9999

    that’s why it would be interesting. we know the bushes don’t give a damn for anyone outside their sick little circle, but would jenna sacrifice herself for not-jenna?

  13. Got a Grip

    Oh, I seriously doubt it. She’d probably help strap her down, just on the off chance that it would save her sorry ass. And if she’s got her daddy’s proclivities for tormenting harmless, innocent things (poor little froggies), she’d probably be chomping at the bit to do the dunking…..

  14. TRM

    I have but one life to give for my country… I will go down with the ship, I am always “right”, I will always remain “right”,
    I sleep at attention, saluting the flag and pictures of our Commander in Chief and Vice President.

    I hate you all 🙂

    seriously, libs are destroying this country…

  15. nonnie9999

    trm, you sleep at attention? 😯 didn’t you read the warning label? more than 4 hours at attention, and you need to seek medical help.

  16. nonnie9999

    oops! almost missed your comment, gotta. i have no doubt that what you say is true. the only thing i would add is that she would probably call grandma barb to come over to join the festivities.

  17. TRM

    So I am guessing you are dreaming of a Hillary ’08?

  18. Got a Grip

    TRM, you’re going to have to be more specific. In what way are “libs” destroying this country? I suspect that the severe case of priapism you’ve been suffering from has caused a deterioration of blood flow to your brain, leaving you with confusion as to who has been running this country into the ground for the past seven years. This is a common side effect of having a “Bush hard-on”, and time only makes it worse. You should seek professional medical treatment immediately, before the damage becomes permanent.

    We hate you, too. But only a little bit…. 😉

  19. Got a Grip

    nons, I think that grandma Barb was probably there showing little Georgie how best to aim that bb gun to cause maximum pain with minimal evidence of damage. Or maybe she just stood by with a broom in her hand and whacked the poor things into unconsciousness to make sure that Georgie could hit them. Either way, you know she was there cheering him on…..

  20. Got a Grip

    TRM, why is that you would assume that Hillary is at the top of the list for us “libs”? I’m afraid that’s just wishful thinking on the part of rethuglicans. But carry on with that, everyone needs a dream…..

  21. nonnie9999

    i think gramma barb is the evilest one of all. when she was first lady, i kept saying that she is not the grandmotherly type that she tries to appear to be. she is the one manipulating everyone behind the scenes. jenna strikes me as the same type. she comes from money, will marry into money, and it would not surprise me at all if her future husband goes into politics.

  22. nonnie9999

    i don’t know who your question was directed towards, but, if it was me, then i can honestly tell you that i have not yet decided who i will vote for.

  23. Friend of the court

    Kit Bond is an idiot. A Republican Senator and an idiot. I point this out in order to destroy the country. I am all powerful!

  24. nonnie9999

    what grown man goes by the name kit? it is almost or maybe just as bad as scooter. what’s with these people? are they ashamed of their real names?

  25. Got a Grip

    Ditto that, fotc. I lived through years and years of Kit Bond, first as a governor and then as a senator. He is an idiot. But on the bright side, he isn’t half the idiot that Ashcroft is, and I lived through that, too. It’s a testament to my intestinal fortitude that I’ve managed to make it this far…

    It’s good to know someone so powerful as you, fotc. Do you think you could teach me how it’s done? I want to destroy the country, too…..

  26. Got a Grip

    nons, I think fotc actually answered your question where Bond’s name is concerned. He’s an idiot. He can’t remember how to spell Christopher, Kit’s as close to it as he can come……

  27. Friend of the court

    Gotta, I think that you and nonnie and I are doing a fine job of destroying the country, already. We don’t even really have to try and look at what a screwed up mess it is. On Sunday, my son came by and when he asked what I was doing, I said that I was having a cup of coffee and reading the bloggs. He told me that I should drink decaf and quit hanging out with “commies”. I’m so proud of that boy.

  28. TRM

    lemme think about that grip
    I ‘ll be back…..

    stinkin libs:)

  29. nonnie9999

    all i can say is that kit is a girl’s name. is he the next rethug to be caught tapping his foot in a men’s room?
    fotc, your son’s initials aren’t trm, are they? 😛

  30. Friend of the court

    No, Fred is a good boy. He has very sane political views and always lets me fill out his sample ballot for him. 🙂 Suggestions, only.

  31. nonnie9999

    good boy, fred. 😀
    love, aunt commie

  32. Got a Grip

    fotc, I’m humbled by your inclusion of me in the cabal. I can’t think of any two people I’d rather be working with the destroy this country with than you and nons. As for Fred, I’m glad he’s a good boy. If nonnie’s auntie commie, can I be auntie soci? That way we’ll have that whole corner of evil covered.

    nons, I don’t think Kit is a toe-tapper. He was a very pretty young man, though. That’s what got him elected in the first place.

    TRM, you just take your time, hon. That kind of fiction takes a while to dream up…. 😉

  33. nonnie9999

    we are going to need uniforms. at the very least, matching t-shirts.

  34. riceroni

    Quit calling him chimpy!! What did those poor monkeys ever do to be so insulted?

  35. hello riceroni,
    welcome to the raisin! 😀 may i ask what brought you to this old post? i’m not complaining, just curious.
    i believe i have apologized to chimps in the past, but there are certain pictures of the moron that make the nickname inevitable. don’t worry, chimps are much smarter than chimpy, and they understand. 😉