Oh, grrrrrr…

From Radar Online:

Federal spending on paper shredding has increased more than 600 percent since George W. Bush took office.

(You can see the chart at the Radar link above)

Original DVD cover

In 2000, the feds spent $452,807 to make unpleasant truths go away; by 2006, the “Cheney Effect” had bumped that number up to $2.9 million. And by halfway through 2007, the feds almost matched that number, with $2.7 million and counting. Pretty much says it all.

New on the menu in the White House!

Original cereal box


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13 responses to “Oh, grrrrrr…

  1. nonnie9999

    sorry to be late in posting tonight. just got home from overeating some delish thai food, which, fyi, is wayyyyyyy better than shredded wheat!

  2. nightowl724

    Ummm…Thai food!

    Shrek/Shred – very clever, my friend – very clever!

    Green suits Cheney, as he is so jealous and greedy that he desires for his very own every single penny held by every single person in the world (and maybe even on his green home planet where no one has a heart).

    Too bad the Cheney/Bush cleaning team shredded more than wheat and destroyed the Constitution.

  3. nightowl724

    fotc, today I received notification from your CC mail server that my 3-sentence response to your email would not be delivered because it has been marked as spam!

    I then sent you and invitation to open a gmail account because it’s both free and trouble-free. Did you get that email by any chance?

    Anyway, I am trying to communicate with you, so please turn on your tricorder or something…

  4. Got a Grip

    AHHHhhhhhh, I love freshly shredded documents in the morning. So filling, and all that fiber!!

    Please, someone, impeach this boil on the butt of humanity before he can do more harm……

  5. nonnie9999

    let’s shred chimpy and cheney!
    by the way, anyone get my little joke?
    oh, grrrr = ogre
    yes? no? crickets? i thought i was being oh so clever! 😥

  6. Got a Grip

    Damn it, your little joke went right over my head, nons. I was so taken with how stunning Dickhead looks with those lovely ears…..

  7. nonnie9999

    i had a feeling that nobody would pick up on it. i guess it’s not that good a joke if i have to ‘splain it. still, i was so damned proud of it, i had to use it.
    those are not dicky boy’s ears. he still has his normal ears. those things sticking out are horn warmers. it’s cold in dc on top of the cold that emanates from that place where his heart is supposed to be.

  8. Got a Grip

    Yes, horn warmers for your neocon friends. The perfect stocking stuffer. I think we should all chip in and get a pair for TRM. I don’t want his horns getting frostbite or anything….. 😉

  9. Friend of the court

    “oh, grrrr”, I got it, right away. One of the few benefits of being a creative speller. I spell stuff the way it sounds. Unfortunately, I have a bad ear.
    It seems like a lot of shreading going on for a guy that wants to build such an expensive library. If he isn’t doing anything wrong, he doesn’t have anything to worry about, right? I thought there was a law against destroying Presidential Papers. Couldn’t he just seal them for 50 years or so, like he did his daddy’s?

  10. Friend of the court

    nightowl, I saw the email about opening a new account and I appreciate you trying to help. I suspect that most of my problems are caused by operator error and the fact that I have an ancient computer with a windows98 operating system. Comcast updated their system and now it takes me forever to get to the mailbox. The email, I sent you, was about the fifth email I ever sent. It surprises me every time it works.

  11. nonnie9999

    thank you, fotc, for getting my little joke. 🙂 i feel better now (except for the exceptional bloating from that second slice of cheesecake–i am such a pig!)
    it is against the law to shred all those documents. however, what do they care? they break so many laws, and nobody seems to hold them accountable. i don’t know how many straws it is going to take. i am thinking that the camel’s back is unbreakable.

  12. Got a Grip

    The camel is made of cast iron, and therefore can take billions and billions of straws….

  13. nonnie9999

    and the straw is supplied by halliburton, all under government contract, of course.

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