Huckleberry Christmas

Hi, kids!! Here’s another Christmas card that the Raisin received!
Original DVD cover.
Inside page of the card:

Thanks for the card, Huckabees!!


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24 responses to “Huckleberry Christmas

  1. The dog with the “help me” bone is a riot!

  2. nonnie9999

    the poor dog is not laughing. the younger son is a psychopath. i think he is eying the poor doggie through the rear-view mirror.

  3. nightowl724

    nonnie, why do you hate Christmas? Ha-Ha! Really, your cards are so festive!

    Look, I know my spelling is a little “off” today (see the “Gay Yuletide” card!), but I think I can handle this one: C-A-F-E P-R-E-S-S.

    My sympathies to Duke up there. I don’t think he’ll be around to ring in the new year… However, he might be better off than any dog owned by another Rethug candidate, Mitt Romney! What is it with Republicans and animal cruelty?

  4. nonnie9999

    i don’t celebrate xmas, but i sure am loving it this year! i have lots of xmas cards to post, and they are a lot more fun than doing research and having to keep track of a lot of links! i think i might keep posting them until new year’s, since there probably won’t be a lot of breaking news until january.

  5. nightowl724

    Oh, good! I love the sound of “lots more xmas cards to post!”

  6. Friend of the court

    Love the Beverly Huckabillies. It scares the hell out of me, to think that a Christowack job could be in the running for the power that Bush has amassed. Thank God there won’t be any money left but, there is still, the big old pile of bombs, to do the Lord’s work.

  7. nonnie9999

    the stunning thing is how low the bar is now set for those who want to be preznit. we can thank chimpy for that. the huckleberries are a scary clan.

  8. nightowl724

    fotc, I sent you an ecard. Did you get it? I hope so!

  9. Got a Grip

    Love the cards, nons. Keep ’em comin’….

    I used to grow garden huckleberries and make pies and jam out of them. They’re poison unless you boil them for a while with baking soda. Just a little food for thought….. 😉

  10. nightowl724

    gotta, I make a mean pie crust… 😉

  11. Friend of the court

    Nightowl, yes I got the card. It was cool. I left you a mesage in one of the earlier posts here. Thank you. 🙂

  12. Friend of the court

    My bad, I see that there is a xmas card, also. Thank you. The first comment, I wrote here, didn’t post, hope this one does. I think I sent you an email.

  13. nonnie9999

    hmmm, do we want to make huckleberry pie out of these characters? i think we should make mincemeat out of them instead. 😀

  14. nightowl724

    Well, let’s send them some huckleberry pie… and then turn them into mincemeat pie!

  15. nightowl724

    fotc, I got your email and replied, but…

    gotta, I tried to send you a card, too!

  16. Got a Grip

    I got it, nightowl. It’s lovely. You’ll get something in return late tonight. I have my hands full right now, but I’ll be back later to reciprocate…. 😉

  17. nightowl724

    gotta, you don’t need to reciprocate – just have fun tonight!

  18. LOL. Did you write that poem? Do you mind if I reprint it on my blog with a link back to you? There’s a lot of truth in it, unfortunately.

  19. nonnie9999

    hi brian!
    yes, i wrote it, and, please, feel free to copy it and link over here. hope you visit again soon! 😀

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  21. I agree the hound in the back is priceless! The Huckster is a blight on my state. I live in Arkansas via Missouri and I have a letter I recently wrote to the Huckleberry about his comments (lies) about Obama, etc.

    This card is a hoot `n granny!

    • chuckleberry wants people to believe that he’s holier than everyone else. he’s nothing more than another opportunistic politician. he steals just like the rest of them. he just justifies the theft with passages from the bible. get rid of chuckleberry, and save the puppies and the squirrels!!

  22. When Pappa Huck and the boys go out to tear down that pesky wall the strangest thing will happen. The time continuim will be thrown out of whack, a ray will decend from the heavens, then they will be made aware that suddenly they have all been turned into Calvinist. And they’re not on the list. Sorry!