Merry Chimpmas

Looks like Barbara Bush took Chimpy to the mall to get his picture taken with Santa for their Christmas cards:
Original DVD cover
Oops! Looks like Georgie got hold of the cards before they were mailed!



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19 responses to “Merry Chimpmas

  1. Got a Grip

    LOL!!! Yes, that’s our chimpy, alright. He’ll probably wipe with them once he’s used up the last scraps of the constitution…..

  2. nonnie9999

    i was going to write a xmas note as though chimpy wrote it, but i realized that i couldn’t dumb myself down enough to do it justice.

  3. Friend of the court

    Georgie would be a lot more likely to write a long ass list of bring me this and bring me that, to Santa, than to write a Season’s Greeting to anyone.

  4. Friend of the court

    Got a Grip, I got your email but, I couldn’t open the link. Is there a trick to it? I am as dumb as a box of rocks, computerwise. Your diary, at DKos was beautiful.

  5. nonnie9999

    don’t you mean that he would have condi or harriet write a long ass list? chimpy’s fingers cramp up when he has to hold a crayon so tightly for any length of time.

  6. Friend of the court

    You’re right nonnie, he would probably need quite a bit of help with his spelling, too. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

  7. nonnie9999

    are there any rules for spelling when you make up your own words? 😯

  8. Got a Grip

    Fotc, possum had the same problem. I don’t know why it lets some view it and others not. The image was the one posted in the diary of the Jewel tree. That one is special, I only gave it those I hold near and dear. And you, my friend, are one of those people….. 😉

  9. Friend of the court

    I consider possum to be darn good company. The Jewel Tree is lovely.

  10. Friend of the court

    Nonnie, I have long believed that, rather than a biography, Bush should have a dictionary written about him. His Administration will not need to be documented, as much as it will need to be translated. (into english). Maybe, he’s not such a big liar, after all. Maybe, no one knows what the hell he is trying to say.

  11. nonnie9999

    interesting theory, fotc. i, for one, would rather not hear what it is that chimpy is actually saying. the shit-in-his-mouth version is bad enough.

  12. Got a Grip

    There will no doubt be a dictionary published to sort out all the bullshit and double talk. It will have entries that explains such things as “extraordinary rendition” meaning kidnapping and torture, etc. It will so thick that it will take us years and years to get through it, and it will astound and amaze the world to see just how language has been used to deceive and corrupt……

  13. nightowl724

    Where to begin with this post?

    There’s nonnie’s Wee-Wee George on Skeptical Santa’s lap. Then, there’s gotta’s Constitutional comment. And, there’s nonnie’s crayon cramp comment. But, there’s fotc’s dictionary comment.


  14. nightowl724

    fotc, I am so glad you mentioned gotta’s DK diary! Although I “subscribed” to nonnie, gotta, and you there, gotta’s diary tonight did not show up on my list. I’m glad I didn’t miss it, because it was so lovely and touching.

  15. Got a Grip

    Well, thank you nightowl. We have to start somewhere, so let it begin with me…..

  16. nonnie9999

    for some reason, gotta didn’t light up on my hotlist either. some people mentioned some glitches at the big orange, so that must have been one more.

  17. nightowl724

    Yeh, I had my next diary – with my first TABLE, no less – half done and SAVED. But, when I went back to finish it, it was gone…

  18. LOL..Think he’ll get busted for little boys? Oh sorry wrong pee wee.

  19. nonnie9999

    hi nyt!!! 😀
    nice to see you again! hope you had a nice holiday.
    peewee didn’t get busted for little boys, did he? i thought it was for not having a bottom on his popcorn tub in the dirty movie theater, if you know what i mean. 😳