Santa Pause

Just got this in the mail from Fred Thompson:
Original art.

Applause? Applause anyone?


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22 responses to “Santa Pause

  1. Friend of the court

    Poor Old Fred, he looks all in. I hope he can get some rest, after Iowa.

  2. nonnie9999

    i think grampa fred wants to quit, but jeri won’t let him. he’d rather be home in his la-z-boy.

  3. nightowl724

    Jeri figures she deserves SOMETHING for marrying him and First Ladyship would fill the bill nicely…

    nonnie, what a creative mind! The greeting in the card rhymes with the title, you sly thing. Fred looks a bit “Bushed” there and a LOT older than Santa.

  4. nonnie9999

    i think the only reason jeri married him in the first place was that she thought she could mold him into a viable candidate. i don’t think he wants to be preznit, i think she wants to be first lady.
    as for the title rhyming, it was purely an accident. i had to look and see what you were talking about. i wish i was that clever that i would think of rhyming the title with the content.

  5. nightowl724

    The power of the woman behind the man…

    Title/content rhyme… Maybe when you reach the level of creativgeniosity that you have, it just starts happening on its own!

  6. nightowl724

    hey… I had the honor of being your twenty-one thousandth hit!

    What’s my prize?

  7. Got a Grip

    nightowl, you’ve won an all expense paid trip to Guantanamo!!! Give her the details, Johnny!! 😉

  8. Got a Grip

    I’m partial to the Neocon candidates peeking in the window. I think they’re jealous. Hopefully they’ll all get to sit in their lazyboys and soak their feet about this time next year and watch our new Democratic president be sworn in….

  9. nightowl724

    gotta, I’m thrilled! I hear Gitmo is lovely in January!

    I love the idea of the Neocons soaking their heads as well as their feet – and they don’t need to wait for next year as far as I’m concerned… Hot water and Epsom salts anyone?

  10. nonnie9999

    thanks for pointing out the stats, nightowl. i like to keep track each time we get another 1000 hits. you win my undying gratitude. and some turtle wax. good luck in trying to make the turtles stand still for that. turtles are not vain at all.

  11. nonnie9999

    those in the window are, from left to right:
    huckleberry, mcliebercain, rudy (pounding his little fists), and mittsie. they, too, will be sitting in their la-z-boys and watching our new democratic president being sworn in. however, i don’t think they will be soaking their feet. i think they will be soaking up the bourbon to forget their dashed hopes.

  12. Got a Grip

    I don’t know about turtles not being vain, nonnie. I used to know one that wore his shell at a rakish angle….

    I have to say, nightowl, that I think soaking their heads has some merit. Maybe they could each have an hour of so of waterboarding in time for those Iowa caucuses, then they can get back to us on whether they think it’s torture or not…..

  13. nightowl724

    nonnie, the gratitude doesn’t do me any good because I would just have to give it right back to you for all the facts and fun you have given me. Turtle wax is useless, as I don’t have any turtles – vain or otherwise. Can I possibly have what’s behind door number three?

  14. nonnie9999

    do you ever watch my name is earl? there is one character who has a pet turtle. it’s hilarious! maybe you can send him the turtle wax. didn’t you read the fine print on the front page? awards are non-returnable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable. and i should know, since i am non.
    i am all for waterboarding the candidates. the debates are just too damned boring. torture would spice things up.

  15. nightowl724

    Yeh, that’s the ticket! Don’t just soak their heads or feet – soak their “everything!”

  16. Got a Grip

    And let’s leave out the Epsom’s salts. It might be in some way pleasant, and I really don’t think we want that…..

  17. nonnie9999

    how funny. i never go around thinking of epsom’s salts. however, just yesterday, my son asked me if we had any. one of his fish is sick, and he had to put the poor little thing in sick bay (a smaller aquarium) with epsom’s salts. now, here we are, talking about them. freaky. 😯

  18. TRM

    I like Fred,,,,,
    you stinky lib’s,,,,, I’m baaaack!!! 🙂

  19. nonnie9999

    welcome back, stinky trm! how much coal did you get for xmas? 😉

  20. TRM

    A butt load! (what constitutes a butt load?), but in my stocking was Ann Coulter’s new book, it was a very good xmas…

  21. nonnie9999

    then it’s good you got coal, trm. it will absorb the stink!

  22. TRM

    I guess your right….
    did I say your “right”?