Happy 2008, Policyholders!!!

Well, those of you who will live to see it!

Happy New Year to you, too, Cigna!! Meet you all for the New Year’s party in the lobby!!


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22 responses to “Happy 2008, Policyholders!!!

  1. dcup

    Just hope none of your parts go bad, huh? For profit health care is really working for us, isn’t it?

  2. nonnie9999

    hey dcup!!!
    what a nice surprise to see you here!
    let’s face it, if you are sick, you had better hope that you are rich enough to afford top-notch medical care and that, if you have something out of the ordinary, some senator or congressman or one of their close relatives had it first. they don’t give a shit about illnesses unless and until they have it, too. then they can’t pour enough resources into curing it.

  3. nightowl724

    CIGNA’S Christmas tree sure is green! $1.3B green, actually. How freaking nice for them…

    Nataline, Nataline, a nation’s heart goes out to you and your family. Sigh.

    nonnie, thanks for the reminder of what’s important as we ring in the new year.

  4. nonnie9999

    it’s heartbreaking when money is more important than the life of a 17-year-old kid. her picture should be on the stage of every presidential debate from now on, and let every candidate tell us what they are going to change things or let them explain to us why it was okay that nataline was not given the chance she needed to live.

  5. nightowl724

    Damn straight, nonnie!

  6. dansk47

    nonnie9999 – you have come far little grasshopper. I remember posting the first comment in your first diary at dKos and look at you now. Love that greeting card, speaks the hard cruel truth. Keep up your good works!

  7. nonnie9999

    awww, dansk, you just brought tears to my eyes! how sweet of you to remember my very first diary! i was so nervous when i posted it, and you showed up and commented, and i was once again able to exhale. your comment here is just as special as that first one was. thank you, dansk, from the bottom of my heart. 😀 i am so touched.

  8. dansk47

    Truly one of the wonders of the internets, no? I can sit here, surely miles and miles from where you are, yet we can interact, encourage and challange each other to think and defend our beliefs, I believe it is a good thing! I have bookmaked your page and will be checking in often. Again, keep up the good works and have a vonderbar new year!

  9. nonnie9999

    you will be welcome here anytime, dansk! have a wonderful, safe, and healthy new year. nothing but good things for all of us! 😉

  10. Wait a sec…those are all $1 bills! Only about 50 bucks up there.

  11. nonnie9999

    silly chenzhen! 🙄
    those are just buds! when they blossom, they turn into hundreds!

  12. Sniff, what a heart warming card. I should send them some flowers or a liver or something.

  13. nonnie9999

    hi dan!
    don’t send them your liver! they will save it just in case one of their board members or the ceo needs it. it won’t go to a good cause, that you can bet on.
    p.s. i like your blog!

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  15. nonnie!
    I’ll keep my liver where it is then. How funny would it be if a bunch of people sent them a blank sheet of paper, that just said “I.O.U. One Liver”?
    p.s. thanks and very much likewise!

  16. nonnie9999

    that would be funny, unless….
    they took liver to mean someone who lived. they would figure that if all these people were living, then they have been too generous with their benefits. they would refuse even more procedures than they do now!

  17. in2thefray

    I’ve made health care options and coverage parameters an important factor in deciding to take a job or not. We like to blame corporations for everything and it’s easier than looking into the mirror. We demand change on behalf of all other entities but when will we change ourselves ? We enjoy pension plans that prosper but will we take a hard look and demand no investments in health care companies and only good steward producers of other commodities ? The answer is such a loud and resounding NO that I can’t hear the tears,laughter or gnashing of teeth. Why is that ?

  18. nonnie9999

    hello in2thefray,
    i have to disagree with you. with so many people losing their jobs and, therefore, their health insurance, or many people no longer able to afford to buy additional insurance for their families, i don’t think investments in health insurance companies factor into the equation.

  19. in2thefray

    My comment was more along the lines that as a society we invest in companies such as CIGNA and get happy with the returns. Then how is it people think the same people will turn and bite the hand that feeds them. btw I recognize your work is pretty time consuming but please consider this

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  21. nonnie9999

    i read your post at your site, and i completely disagree. unfortunately, i don’t have time to find statistics right now, so may we table the discussion for a less hectic time?
    i left you a comment on the january 20th matter. i hadn’t seen it before, so forgive me for not responding before.
    happy new year to you and yours, in2thefray. we may disagree on a lot of things, but i still wish you health, happiness, and peace in the new year.

  22. More true now than when you made it!