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White House Denies Reports

Some insiders say that George W. Bush attempted to snort both his parents after someone read to him about Keith Richards snorting his father’s cremains after mixing them with cocaine. An anonymous source who has known Mr. Bush since his Texas years confided, “Ever since I have known Chimpy, he has been very competitive. I can see him trying to outdo Keith Richards by snorting two parents instead of just one.” A White House spokesperson had denied the story and says that people are completely misreading a photo released yesterday. Then, the spokesperson reminded everyone that things are different since 9/11.



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John McCain Strolling the Sweet Streets of Baghdad…

Grab your coat and get your hat,
Though someone blew up your doorstep,
Life can be so sweet,
On the Sunni side of the street!

Just ignore the pitter-pat,
Of the constant rifle firings,
Don’t accept defeat,
On the Sunni side of the street!

I used to walk in the shade with my blues on parade,
But I’m not afraid…they armored over my Range Rover!

I think war is heaven-sent
(Unlike mean Jay Rockefeller),
There’s oil beneath my feet,
On the Sunni side of the street!

Oh, I’m so glad that Bush stayed with this bullshit charade,
See? I’m not afraid…I’m elected so I’m protected!

Now I’m home, but glad I went,
It showed I’m a big brave fella,
My photo op is now complete,
On the Sunni,
On the Sunni, Sunni side of the street!

The original song, On the Sunny Side of the Street (Music by Jimmy McHugh, with lyrics by Dorothy Fields)
Original CD cover.


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The Patsy

Original movie poster.


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