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If Only He’d Promise to Get Lost in the Desert for 40 Years….

From All American Patriots:

June 13, 2007 — When he unveiled his so-called 12 commitments yesterday in New Hampshire, Rudy Giuliani failed to make a commitment to the American people on the most pressing issue facing the country today: the Iraq War. When asked specifically about Iraq after his speech, Rudy Giuliani made no apology about omitting it and in an interview with MSNBC he said, “Iraq may get better, Iraq may get worse, we maybe successful in Iraq, we may not be. I don’t know the answer to that.” [MSNBC, 6/12/07, Concord Monitor, 6/13/07]

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Hey, Rudy, take 2 tablets, but don’t call me in the morning.


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Next Time He Gets Carried Away, I Hope Someone Carries Him Away

From Philadelphia Daily News:

RALEIGH, N.C. – District Attorney Mike Nifong acknowledged Friday that he “maybe got carried away a little bit” in talking about the three Duke University lacrosse players who were once charged with raping a stripper, and he said he expected to be punished.

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A Pig in the Pokey?

June 14 (Bloomberg) — Lewis “Scooter” Libby, an ex-aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, must go to prison while appealing his conviction for obstructing a CIA leak probe, a judge ruled.

Will Little Irving Scooter go to jail or stall until Chimpy pardons him on his last day in office remain free throughout the appeals process? We might not know for a while, but I assume that the uncertainty has Scooterpie pooping in his pants!
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Girls Gone Wild!

From International Herald Tribune:

WASHINGTON: Two former White House officials were subpoenaed on Wednesday as Congressional Democrats intensified pressure on the administration of President George W. Bush over the dismissals of eight United States attorneys.

The Senate and House judiciary committees ordered Harriet Miers, the former White House counsel, and Sara Taylor, a former deputy assistant to President Bush and the White House director of political affairs, to appear before their panels.

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Finally! When they testify, I will have more pictures to use, and that’s what’s really important, right?


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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…..

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Special hat tp to Friend of the court!


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A Connecticut Wanker in King George’s Court

From Salem-News:

Lieberman says if Iran won’t play by the rules, “we’ve got to use our force. And to me that would include taking military action to stop them from doing what they’re doing.”

😆 Joe “I lost the primary, so I will run under a made-up party” Lieberman is chiding others for not playing by the rules!! 😆
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Holy Crap!!

From Press TV:

US President George W Bush has addressed Pope Benedict XVI as ‘sir’ instead of the expected ‘His Holiness’, drawing gasps in the Vatican.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg communion wafer, as they say. Read the article!
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When are the people in charge of protocol going to learn to spell things out phonetically for this moron?


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